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Mastering Display Design: Insights from Design Expert Jackie Berra

What does it take to create an unforgettable retail moment for your customer? The kind that makes them want to tell others…and has your products flying off the shelf.

It all starts with the design and a clear understanding of the desired experience. It's not just about showcasing products; it's about crafting moments that captivate and engage your customers.

In Episode 4 of the Blue Light Special podcast, hosted by Christine Wright and me, retail design expert, Jackie Berra, shared her tips on how to nail display design.

If you missed the episode, don't worry—we've got you covered! Here’s a recap of Jackie's invaluable insights to help you take your display game to the next level. When you get a moment, queue up the podcast to watch on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. Watch Here.

8 Tips on How to Nail Display Design

  1. Understand the Desired Customer Experience: Delve deep into your objectives, preferences, and target audience demographics to ensure the display design resonates and captures their attention. Understanding the preferences and behaviors of your ideal customer is paramount when creating impactful displays that drive results.
  2. Gather Strategic Information: Meticulously gather crucial project details. From budget constraints to display type preferences, thorough planning lays the foundation for a seamless and efficient design process. By leaving no stone unturned, you can ensure that every aspect of the project is thoughtfully considered and executed.
  3. Know the Power of Creative Briefs: Transparent communication is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. Creative briefs serve as a roadmap, outlining project objectives, target audience insights, and design guidelines. Clear and concise briefs facilitate alignment between stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.
  4. Embrace Outside Research: Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about industry trends, consumer behavior patterns, and competitor strategies. By leveraging outside research, you can gain valuable insights that inform your design decisions and ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your displays in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Platforms like Shelfgram offer CPG Marketers a look at their displays as well as their competitors in-store in real time.
  5. Consider Logistics: Designing impactful displays goes beyond aesthetics; it requires a keen understanding of the logistical and practical considerations involved. Addressing factors such as spatial constraints, traffic flow, and product accessibility early in the design process ensures your displays are not only visually appealing but also functional and practical in real-world retail environments.
  6. Understand Feasibility: Transparency and alignment are essential for creating successful displays that resonate with both shoppers and marketers. By considering factors such as budget limitations, logistical constraints, and supply chain feasibility, you can ensure that your designs are not only visually striking but also executable in real-world retail settings.
  7. Design with End in Mind: Ultimately, the goal of display design is to create immersive experiences that drive sales and enhance the overall shopping experience. Prioritize functionality and user experience to ensure that your displays not only attract attention but also facilitate product discovery and encourage purchase decisions.
  8. Harness Technology: Embrace technological advancements to streamline your design process and unlock new creative possibilities. Tools such as AI rendering enable you to visualize and iterate on designs with unprecedented speed and accuracy, empowering you to bring your creative vision to life in exciting new ways.

At InStore Design Display, we recognize that successful display design demands a holistic approach, blending creativity, strategic thinking, and technological innovation. By embracing these key principles, you can craft displays that not only captivate consumers but also drive sales and enhance your brand's retail presence.

Download our exclusive 12-point Preparation Checklist and Creative Brief for actionable insights and resources today. And when you need an expert to guide the design process, contact us and we’ll get right on it.

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