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Leading Retail Display Designer: Jackie Berra

InStore Design Display (IDD) is excited to welcome a new member to our growing team—Jackie Berra. She joined our team as Design Operations Director in the fall of 2023 and brings a wide range and depth of physical and digital design skills. Jackie’s 20 years of experience as a designer means IDD has some serious in-house talent leading the charge. She’s taking our creativity to a whole new level. 

Meet Jackie Berra, Design Operations Director

We sat down for an interview to help you learn more about Jackie and what she brings to IDD's design capabilities. Here's what she had to say.

What got you interested in design as a career?

Well before college, I knew I wanted to get into design. I was always the one in my family who had a passion for computers and technology. Whenever I’d see a design like a logo on a business card, I’d already be thinking about how I could do it better.

How did you develop your design expertise?

I went to the University of Kansas and graduated with a degree in graphic design. My design capabilities grew in my roles as Senior Graphic Designer with Protection One, a home security company, Director of Creative Services with KU Athletics, Design Studio Director for Dimensional Innovations, and through my design and consulting company before joining the team at InStore Design Display. I’ve also been a lifelong learner, grabbing new skills like coding, videography, and photography along the way. Most recently, I’ve been learning to use AI to create efficiencies in the design process.

How have your past roles prepared you to design for retail?

I’ve been fortunate to have designed for the consumer with each of my past companies. Each role taught me to think critically about how to appeal to the senses, attract attention, and create an experience through design. I’m now knee deep in the design of displays for retail and love the challenge of taking all the components—the brand, the story, the physical product, and making them work together in an aesthetically pleasing way that not only helps increase sales but has the power to create memorable shopping experiences.

Are you a Kansas City native?

I grew up in St. Louis, then moved to Lawrence, Kansas, for college and stayed there for work until COVID hit. My wife, Maria, and I reflected a lot on what we wanted in life and since Colorado was the place we always vacationed, we decided to give it a try. COVID taught us that life is short, so you might as well enjoy the ride. We moved to Denver’s Downtown Rhino District in 2022. Since joining IDD, I work from home in Denver and commute to Kansas City once a month.

What about Kansas City keeps you coming back?

Kansas City is such an artsy town. I love the architecture and the museums. I stay in the River Market area when I’m in town and get my fill of Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque when I’m here.

What’s been the most unusual project you’ve designed for IDD?

The design and prototype for a rotating diaper display was probably the most unique one so far. Our client wanted to highlight a new honeycomb technology with an illuminated box. It was an interesting challenge.

image0In addition to your role as Design Operations Director, tell us about another role you are playing for IDD.

I’m part of the team developing our new podcast—Blue Light Special.  I’m the mix-master putting my design and videographer skills to work to appeal to CPG brand marketers interested in learning about retail and real life. My love of technology has come in handy, as we have learned about how to produce a podcast.

Why did you join the team at InStore Design Display?

I joined the team at InStore Design Display because I was familiar with IDD's reputation and capabilities, thanks to my connection with Trevor Lewis and my experience working in the Kansas City area. Learning about IDD's small yet highly skilled team appealed to me, as I enjoy working in smaller, nimble teams that foster in-depth collaboration and creativity. I was eager to leverage my expertise to help develop and build a design team and processes at IDD.


InStore Design Display wouldn’t exist without the uniquely talented and hardworking team members we have been fortunate to attract. We are excited to have Jackie on the team and look forward to all the great things she will contribute to IDD and our clients. Jackie’s a regular contributor on LinkedIn. Follow her there and see what’s in-store for retail display design.

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