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Eterneva — Countertop Display


Eterneva Diamond Custom Retail Display

We often think of buying retail items in big box stores, small boutiques, specialty stores, and shopping malls, but more and more retail is happening in unexpected places like exercise studios and even funeral homes. Eterneva, a company that celebrates remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes or hair into diamonds, engaged Team IDD to develop a display that could tell the company's story as part of the funeral decision-making process.


At IDD, all design processes begin with a conversation between one of our designers, the project manager, the account executive, and the client's representatives. In our discovery session, we learned our client had an opportunity to display its products in funeral homes. It was a chance to go beyond their web presence and meet their potential clients as part of the traditional funeral planning process. Thus, the display needed to be able to sit on a table or on a shelf. Eterneva wanted their customers to be able to get a good look at the different styles of jewelry that could memorialize their loved one.


A designer at Eterneva had built an initial mockup but they wanted something sleeker and more modern and economical to produce and ship. From that guidance, IDD's designer developed mock-ups for several designs. Some had different mounting options (wall, stand, table), others offered some bling, all were made with colored and clear acrylic with a tamper-proof design. 

Eterneva Prototype 1Eterneva Prototype 2

Eterneva Prototype 3Eterneva Prototype 4


Our design process is highly collaborative and includes the client every step of the way. The design that got sign off for production was a white acrylic stand that included a blue foam mount to hold the jewelry securely and match the client's branding color scheme, a clear acrylic box overlay to make it possible to view the jewelry, an interlocking tab system to prevent theft, and Eterneva's graphics incorporated on the front, back, and in a side graphic holder.

Project Highlights

One of the key aspects of this project had nothing to do with designing and manufacturing the display. Rather, the packing materials for the project needed to be well thought out and tested. The display arrives at the funeral home with the jewelry installed, which means the jewelry needs to stay in place through packing and shipping. For every product, our designers do a thorough pack test involving a series of tests that include dropping the packed display from various heights and landing angles (e.g., corners and top). The packing materials inside a display's delivery box need to be as well thought out as its design. 

After the first run, Eterneva wanted to upgrade the packaging of the display to make it more on brand. They desired a pleasing experience for the funeral home staff when they unboxed the display. The box and interior packing were made from a two-sided white corrugate with Eterneva's branding on the outside. Instructions on how to set up the display developed by IDD and additional materials on Eterneva's product were placed in the interior of the box with the display and its secure interior packing materials. 

IDD Packaging Process

The process of bringing together this display design, manufacturing, and delivery for Eterneva was an exciting project for Team IDD. Having the opportunity to work on new products in new industries fuels our creative juices. We developed several new design and packing methodologies that we are already deploying in projects for other clients.  

"The team at IDD helped us to create an experience with our clients—from the unboxing of materials to the beautiful displays. Our partners are thrilled by the details and presentation. IDD has been so incredibly helpful and innovative in creating this experience from start to finish. Starting with the design of the display, to the branded boxing and delivery experience. They have truly exceeded our expectations, and created a memorable experience for our partners." 

Molly Alsobrook, Partner Engagement Manager | Eterneva


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