The holidays are already right around the corner. That means, you are going to have shoppers coming in to get holiday wares for themselves and their loved ones. Do you have yourself set up to use branded shopping packages for the items that you’re selling? One of the most visual ways of being able to show off your brand is the packaging people that leave your location with. You need to make sure that you are ready to show off who you are by picking the perfect type of retail packaging.

Shopping Bags Can Make an Impression on Your Customers

For simple purchases, there is nothing better than the economy plastic shopping bag. You can go as minimal or as elaborate as you want. The option is there to go with a blank bag, or to even have an economic shopping bag with a simple saying like “thank you!” These bags are inexpensive, easy to use for both employees and customers, and they can be ordered in bulk, which can be an economical choice depending on your situation.

Paper bags are another option when your products are in need of just a bit more support than a plastic bag can offer. The kraft paper bags are also easy to put on display, since people are going to be walking around holding the handles. That makes your chosen design easy for others to see when your customers are out walking around. Plus, these bags are heftier, making them something your customers can easily reuse.

Frosted Bags Give a Different Look

Instead of going with standard white plastic bags, or even kraft paper bags, why not go with a frosted plastic bag to help your purchases stand out? Your customers get a unique bag that they can reuse when they get home, and you get a way to visually stand out from the crowd. Then, whenever the customer sees that bag again, they know where they got it from, and they think about returning for another purchase. The unique bag can do a lot when it comes to keeping your customers thinking about visiting you regularly.

Your Internal Packaging Can Also Help Spread the Word

Instead of just printing on the outside of the bag, you can also color code wraps around your products inside the bag. Tissue paper often sticks out of the top of paper bags, adding to the color branding reach you can get. There are dozens of colors to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect hue to match your company’s brand. This helps you make each bit of packaging that you send your customers out the door with match, giving an even better impression during each shopping experience.

Retail packaging is very important. Increase how many people see your brand this holiday season by investing early in the right retail packaging so it’s ready when you need it. Then, when the holiday rush starts to kick in, you’ll be ready for the influx of customers and your newly found brand exposure.