Now, more than ever, brands and retailers are continuing to pursue fixtures and displays that are customized to provide unique shopping experiences for their customers. With more and more shoppers heading to brick and mortar environments, it’s important for retailers to attract foot traffic and brands to stand out in-store.

If your not convinced foot traffic is still important in the ever-changing retail landscape, consider these statistics:

  • 87% of shoppers have visited a retail store within the past month
  • Brick-and-mortar sales rose from $2985 billion in 2016 to $3043 billion in 2017, a two percent increase
  • 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs via a proper merchandising strategy
  • 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn't anticipate their needs
  • When asked for the typical sales increase from a POP initiative, merchandisers estimated 19% for permanent and 24% for temporary.

So, its safe to say that retail displays matter when you only have a fraction of a second to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Its time to talk display for your next campaign.

1. Education

Being able to educate customers through a retail display is a huge win for stores. Think of it like a digital sales rep, educating people on your product through video, engaging content on a touchscreen, and a unique product display design. Retailers are always looking for more ways to educate their customers and these custom displays seem to be the answer for today! Your digital content can cover the features and benefits of your product, how it works, and ultimately point them towards making a purchase. Dare I say these displays may even be more successful than the sales person?!



2. Engagement

Engaging your customers, and potential customers, is the best way to create a sense of brand loyalty. How will your customers remember your store? How will they remember your brand inside of a store filled with so many other brands? Creating a true experience with your retail displays by going with an interactive solution. Customers are in a store in the first place to touch and feel the product they're interested in. If they didn't want to experience it first hand before buying, they could have just bought online. Use that interest to naturally build a relationship an encourage them to engage with your product!

Best Buy Inline Garmin Display


3. Entertainment

Let’s be honest, people want to have fun when they shop! Isn’t that the point? So, you’ll want to create a retail display that aids in the fun. When people interact with your display, there should be a level of entertainment that keeps them coming back or keeps them engaged with your display and product for longer than others. This level of entertainment has truly become a focus for retailers lately!



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