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Top 5 Cannabis Architectural Design Firms in the U.S.

Choosing a firm to design your cannabis space isn’t a decision to take lightly. Your choice will impact more than the look and feel of your facility or dispensary; because the cannabis industry is so highly regulated, your choice of architect could make or break your business.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect cannabis architectural design firm to help you with your grow facility, processing facility, or dispensary, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve vetted a range of U.S.-based firms and narrowed it down to the five absolute best in the industry.

We graded numerous firms based on the following:

  • Experience with the cannabis industry. You won’t find anyone in this list who hasn’t created retail displays or other cannabis facility designs — they’re all 420-familiar.
  • Design vision and versatility of style. Art is subjective, but these pros have all demonstrated the ability to deliver attractive designs for a range of budgets, styles, and tastes.
  • Good reputation. These firms feature strong testimonials from happy clients and have established themselves as leaders in the architecture and design industries.
  • Quality of customer service. Many of these firms go beyond design to help clients with some of the regulatory challenges associated with running a cannabis business.
  • Breadth and depth of services. These picks include companies that offer end-to-end solutions, from store layout design and retail display design all the way down to the details like cannabis display jars.

Let’s get to it. Here are InStore Design Display’s top five cannabis architectural design firms of 2022.

CLC Design Studio



Location: Philadelphia, PA

Style at a glance: Minimal, sleek, modern

CLC Design Studio is a woman-owned firm that takes a holistic approach when working with clients, providing everything from building and zone code analysis to site location assistance, budget and schedule development, and interior design services. Moriconi Flowers, Ltd. invited founder Christina Casile to participate as a consultant on a team of experts that advise new entrants to the cannabis industry on their marijuana permit application projects. This helped to establish her as an expert architect and designer in the cannabis industry, leading to an array of award-winning projects for various dispensaries across the country.

CLC touts a focus on “innovative, cost-effective services” for both new construction and renovations, and plays various roles in your project — including project management, feasibility studies, construction administration, and other post-design work.

Harka Architecture



Location: Portland, OR

Style at a glance: Sustainable, earthy, warm

Harka Architecture has a unique and ambitious commitment: to create innovative, inspiring spaces with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Harka’s designers are trained as Certified Energy Managers, meaning they’re uniquely equipped to create high-quality cannabis retail displays, dispensary furniture, and more that has a minimal impact on the environment and your budget.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, Harka’s cannabis projects boast a range of high-end and diverse dispensary designs. Client highlights include Five Zero Trees Dispensary, Fine Fettle, and Good Titrations.

Beyond creating attractive cannabis retail displays for their customers, Harka offers consultative services for business owners who need help with permitting and legalizing their cannabis ventures. Harka is a great end-to-end partner for your cannabis business, having years of experience working in the industry.

High Road Design Studio



Location: Phoenix, AZ

Style at a glance: Rich, sleek, striking

High Road Design Studio provides exceptional interior design and branding solutions exclusively to cannabis businesses. They specialize in dispensary space planning, interior design, and branding solutions, and have won over 15 awards since their founding in 2013, including the Shop! Award for design and the Retail Design Institute’s international design competition.

Their unparalleled retail designs and application of design thinking to each and every cannabis project have helped their clients change the narrative around cannabis in their communities. If anyone understands the ins and outs of design for the cannabis industry, it’s the team at High Road.

The McBride Group



Location: Coral Gables, FL

Style at a glance: Striking, eclectic, forward-thinking 

The McBride Group is a conglomerate of AlphaThink and McBride Design, two firms that work together to provide a host of services to their cannabis clients — from initial ideation to project development. These experts provide everything from creative and strategic planning for cannabis retail displays to architectural design and project development. The result is a truly innovative aesthetic that blends functionality, flow, and style.

They’ve designed several dispensaries, cannabis consumption lounges, and a thematic cannabis experience for their clients serving some of the biggest brands around the world. One of their most notable projects was Pineapple Express.

MerJ Architecture



Location: Denver, CO

Style at a glance: Futuristic, bold, organic

MerJ Architecture designs custom-tailored spaces that focus on customer experience, security, flow, and efficiency. The company, composed of a team of architects, designers, and experts, is exclusively dedicated to the cannabis industry — and creates genuinely innovative designs for dispensaries and cannabis laboratories.

This firm stays at the forefront of the ever-changing laws and regulations in the cannabis industry, and their clients count on them to provide the guidance they need to create a facility that’s as profitable as it is compliant. MerJ helps clients implement both the design and technology they need to develop cultivation, extraction, processing and testing cannabis environments.

InStore Design Display: Retail Solutions for Any Business

Whether you are a cannabis retailer or an associate of the industry, InStore Design Display will collaborate with your architects and designers to craft insightful, eye-catching displays for your retail space. We also offer in-house fulfillment for retail spaces, fixtures, and displays for physical retailers. If you want to boost your brand with thoughtful, efficient design solutions, request a consult. We’ll put you on the map.

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