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6 Acrylic Display Examples to Boost Product Sales

Your product is amazing on its own, no doubt. But with the help of a custom acrylic display, you can make your product demand attention from shoppers—while highlighting exactly the benefits and features you want your customers to focus on.

So, what is acrylic, exactly? Acrylic is a type of clear plastic that’s common in retail displays. Its versatility is practically unrivaled, and it’s far more durable (not to mention, easier to ship and assemble) than glass. Retailers use acrylic as a core material for shelving, POP displays, endcap displays, signage, fixtures, and more. Plus, it's recyclable.

If you’re looking for inspiration for an acrylic display case, you’ve come to the right place. IDD specializes in custom acrylic displays with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. Here are a variety of examples of successful acrylic displays that we designed for our clients to help inspire your next acrylic design.

6 Examples of Acrylic Displays

Ultimate Ears (UE) Wireless Speakers


This bold, modern brand needed a display case to set its speakers apart from competitors—making it a perfect candidate for a modern, lit acrylic display case. We kept this design simple and streamlined, using lighting as a design feature to put the focus on the product.

Motorola Webtop Application

motorola INDIRECT blog

How do you convey the ease of use of a product like this to potential customers? The easiest way is to let them experience it for themselves. This Motorola phone came with a unique webtop application that let customers connect a phone to a TV or desktop computer so they could share phone content with others on the big screen. This retail display case put this functionality front-and-center, simulating the experience of using this application. Its simple acrylic design promoted the old adage of “show, don’t tell” by demonstrating the value of the product rather than overemphasizing signage.

Moto Z Moto Mods

Moto Mod blog COR

Here’s a colorful acrylic display for Motorola to highlight their line of Moto Z Mods. These mods attached magnetically to users’ smartphones and boasted different features, like the ability to turn the phone into a boombox, a movie projector, a camera with advanced capabilities, or a charging station. This acrylic display made it easy to see each of these unique features at a glance, while giving the user the ability to actually pick up the product and see how it worked.

Sprint (now T-Mobile) Tidal


This retail display featured Sprint’s music and entertainment platform, Tidal, and was proof that acrylic displays weren’t limited to white or translucent in color. This sharp black design stood in contrast to the products around it, inviting the customer to try on the headphones and interact with the display through the digital media player.

HP Smart Watches


For these two smart watches, HP needed a compact display that enabled an interactive but high-end experience for customers. We embedded a digital media player in front to communicate key brand messages and secured the product with two sleek and secure stands.

Caeden Headphones


This minimalistic acrylic display for Caeden headphones held brand identity at its forefront, while providing a user-friendly trial environment for testing product quality. The printed backdrop, structure of the display, and backlit brand name conveyed the sense of style and sophistication that came with this product, which was focused on “linear geometry, clean lines, and simple forms.” The display was interactive as well, allowing shoppers to wear the product and use the digital media player to experience the quality of the headphones firsthand.

Beyond these six designs, the options truly are limitless when it comes to acrylic displays. From classic to wildly creative, our design team at IDD has seen it all. Ready to start designing your acrylic display? Book a consultation to see how an acrylic display can help you boost sales.

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