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Improving Impact: 6 Tips to Guide Point-of-Purchase Display Design

Point-of-purchase (POP) retail displays offer a revenue boost for brands and brick-and-mortar businesses. POP displays can be placed throughout the store, not just at the register. Customers get a second chance to see a product, away from crowded shelves where they get lost among other items. POP displays encourage customers to try a product they might not usually buy.

Even with the growth of e-commerce shopping reducing traffic in brick-and-mortar stores before and during the pandemic, one of the key reasons people still choose shopping in-person is to see, touch, and feel the items they purchase up close. For many shoppers, it’s an experience they can’t get online and one they don’t want to give up in the purchase process. 

POP displays have had to change with the times, too.  Advertisements bombard consumers in their interactions online, who are getting more adept at tuning out the messages delivered to their computers and devices. So, getting creative is vital, and helping your product stand out in-store with a retail display is one way to do that.

When you’re developing your point-of-purchase display ideas, keep the consumer front and center. That means using creative ideas to help gain interest from consumers. Simply organizing your merchandise isn’t enough. The display itself needs to offer some value or interest. Based on our decades of experience designing, building, delivering, and installing displays for products in animal health, telecommunications, sporting goods, cannabis, and clothing, check out our top six tips to boost your POP display’s performance.

1. Location, Location, Location. 

Where you put your display is as important as how it looks. Make sure that the area of the store is the right place for your products. If your POP display isn't performing well, it might simply be in the wrong place. Remember to consider the target audience for your product when you choose the placement. For example, a display of boxed chocolates might do very well in the flower section of a grocery store, but not as well near the health food or diet supplements.

2. Make Your Display an Experience. 

Digital and non-digital experience displays can give the consumer an exciting and interactive encounter. Displays that have quizzes or lead the customer through purchasing decisions earn a lot of attention. They bring value to the customer, increasing brand recognition, which works well for brands with several offerings. For instance, a cannabis brand could use a touchscreen digital display to quiz customers and direct them to the best products for the experience desired.

3. Let Customers Try the Product.

 Sampling a product from a tester increases the likelihood your customer will become more familiar with the product. Perfumes, lotions, and colognes are all about the fragrance. It's easier for customers to commit to a scent when they can smell it.

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4. Keep Displays Stocked and Neat. 

Enticing customers to buy is the point of a display. Keeping it fully stocked and neat is more appealing to the eye, and it also means the customer will have a full range of choices. When a display gets a lot of attention, customers tend to shift the product out of its ideal place. If there are options to test products, like makeup, stains or spills are possible, requiring employees to maintain the display during store hours.

5. Update Displays Regularly.

To ward off brand fatigue, change your POP displays often. One way to add a fresh take to your displays is to make them seasonal. Different products suit customers' needs for holidays, vacations, graduation, or any number of occasions. When planning your displays, consider the season because it may impact your customers' purchasing decisions.

6. Make Displays a Viral Experience.

How many of your customers share posts on social media? Probably a lot of them. Building a display that offers cool graphics or something interesting that your shoppers love to post online is a fantastic marketing idea for the store and the brand.

Brands that design their retail POP displays with any of the above tips are more likely to increase revenue. POP displays encourage impulse purchases and give you another channel to develop a relationship with your target customer. They offer prime marketing space for businesses and brands. When done well, they give you another way to engage your consumer to build conversion and loyalty.

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