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7 Steps to Deliver a Stunning Retail Store Makeover On Time, On Budget

Your store is showing its age. Scuff marks, peeling laminate, sagging shelves, faded paint, dark corners, and displays needing updates: these are all signs it is time for a refresh. Whether you own one brick-and-mortar store or a franchise with many, updating your fixtures, layout, look, and feel can reinvigorate your relationship with loyal customers and attract new ones. 

To make the investment in your store makeover cost effective and efficient, we've identified the seven steps that ensure your project delivers stunning results and stays on budget and timeline.

How to Nail Your Retail Store Environment Refresh

Step 1: Pick a designer experienced in store refresh

Step 2: Do a site survey to determine desired store refresh elements

Step 3: Assemble a team to handle all the components of the store refresh

  • Fixtures (stock and/or custom)
  • Graphics/Signage  
  • Millwork (e.g., cash wraps)
  • Display Lighting

Step 4: Manage the logistics of sourcing, supply chain management, packaging, and shipping

Step 5: Coordinate installation at a "test store" and make any modifications

Step 6: Roll out installations across all stores

Step 7: Support implementation of the revised look and feel as new stores launch

After providing retail fixtures for store makeovers for years and continually seeing the pitfalls when projects weren't managed well from end-to-end, Team IDD expanded its capabilities to streamline the seven steps in the refresh process. Two clients that best exemplify IDD's process are Foot Solutions and Title Boxing. 

Case Study: Foot Solutions

In 2020, a new owner purchased Foot Solutions and saw an opportunity to sync up the look and feel of the stores. The appearance of most stores felt and looked dated. They lacked consistency across their franchisees and were missing an opportunity to tell a story that spoke to their target market—anyone with foot problems. 

Foot Solutions partnered with IDD to handle all elements of the store refresh process from design to implementation and help them manage the installation process. We combined our in-house capabilities with longstanding partner organizations that have expertise in other areas to deliver the end-to-end refresh experience for Foot Solutions.

“Although the Foot Solutions business model is solid and franchisee service and expertise were outstanding, the overall image of the brand and stores needed to be refreshed. We wanted our stores to be cleaner, less crowded, and up-to-date. IDD was our choice to partner with because of the incredible work they do in the franchise space. Their professionalism and being able to deliver a solution that was within our budget stood out as well.” — Bryan Scott, Foot Solutions

Foot Solutions Store

Case Study: Title Boxing

Franchisees had their own interpretation of the look and feel of their stores. The corporate office had not developed a standard design for each to follow. Their growth was coming fast and furious and drove a need to sync up the retail and entryway consistency. 

Title Boxing brought in IDD to manage the process for the existing franchise locations. Title Boxing now has a design manual, a new store development plan, and a partner that can work as new franchises open to implement the design. 

"InStore Design Display, in my opinion, is the utmost prestigious turnkey design company in the KC Metro area. When it comes to design, fabrication, graphic production, installation, logistics, planning and overall solutions for your brand, they are on point, without a doubt. No other company matches in terms of resources, capabilities and track record. Their knowledgeable and responsible staff are truly focused on executing the best in any brand, locally or nationally. This company deserves the “Editor’s Choice” award in KC. Keep up the amazing work!" — Troy Hull, TBC International, LLC

Title Boxing cash wrap

Ready for a Refresh?

If your brick-and-mortar store could use a makeover, request a consult. We take the heavy lifting off you and deliver an outstanding refresh—one that will make you wish you had done it sooner.

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