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The Key to a Successful Retail Display: An Effective Project Brief

Imagine straightforward design and building processes for your retail space. Then, picture a design experience that you'll look back on with pride and want to repeat with each new product you market. A streamlined, predictable process is already within reach. It just takes some preparation before the project's kickoff. 

A retail display delivered on time, on budget, and on target starts with the information gathered upfront.

Our 12-point checklist will give you an overview of what we need. From guidelines to requirements, quantity to dates, locations to budget, we intend to clarify all the parameters of your display before the design process starts. It's the most efficient way to complete your product and ship it to your store, where it can help make your products stand out with your target customer.

The next step is filling out IDD's Project Brief, which collects all the information needed before constructing the first prototype. We've learned through extensive experience what's needed to make the process smoother, meet deadlines, encounter fewer roadblocks along the way, and create a display that will work within the retailer's guidelines. 

A completed project brief means you receive design solutions
rather than just ideas to present to the retailer for approval.

Download IDD's Project Brief for your next retail display project with us. It's a fillable Word document that gathers all the key information for your next project. We will confidently move forward with approving your next retail display concept, bringing it to fruition, and placing your product in-store where it can do what's intended—attract your buyer and make the sale.

Download IDD's Project Brief


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