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4 Effective Tips to Make Your Next Retail Installation Project a Success

In-store shopping remains the preferred retail experience for 82% of millennial shoppers. Consumers are itching to return to their favorite retailers. Installation of new signage or an updated product display can serve as an invitation to welcome loyal customers back into your retail facility.

Retailers can benefit from working with a  display company that partners with experienced installation professionals to handle every aspect of a display project, leaving them to focus on delivering a memorable experience for their customers. Are you considering an installation project? Here are four tips for partnering with a facility management company to get the job done. 

#1: Confirm Communication Standards  

For an installation project to be successful, communication is key. A successful project will outline communication expectations between the retailer, display company, and facility management company prior to any work beginning. This includes how updates will be delivered and the frequency of those updates. A comprehensive communication plan promotes transparency and efficiency throughout the installation project. In addition to the retailer and facility management company agreeing upon communication standards, scheduling expectations are to be identified and documented.

#2: Set a Schedule  

When determining an optimal project timeline, milestones, and scheduling, consider the number of locations, building access, display assembly complexity, painting, and permit requirements for electrical installations. Once the project manager identifies each factor to determine the onsite work schedule, a project timeline may be provided to the retailer.  

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#3: Get Specific on Details

Effective retail displays that entice customers are intricately designed with close attention to detail. Therefore specificity is key with all the details required for their installation project. For example, the glass for a display case may require glazing or UV blocking, depending on its location. Other specifications may include paint color and brand, lighting, wood, and fabric, as well as sales goals. Detailed specifications led to a successful project.

#4: Identify the Trades

After the retailer has identified all specifications for a new product display campaign, it is important that all parties responsible for bringing this project to fruition have a clear understanding of the retailer’s goals and objectives. An installation project will most likely require several experts if it’s to be completed on time and on budget, including an architect, graphic designer, painter, handyman, and electrician. Facility management companies are a one-stop shop and have a vast network of skilled and trusted tradespeople to complete the scope of work. 

A captivating product display brings your retail facility up to date, adding to your store’s overall value. Bright lights, fresh paint, or an interactive screen can welcome back loyal customers and extend an invitation to new ones. Partnering with experienced display and installation professionals enables the focus of a retailer to remain with their customers. 

About Michelle Jones and Branded Group

Michelle Jones is a Sales Manager for Branded Group, a full-service facility maintenance management company that promptly diagnoses and efficiently resolves facility issues. Through its “Be Better” experience, Branded Group provides clients with peace of mind and preserves brand standards. Services include on-demand facility maintenance, construction management, and special project implementation for multi-site retail locations, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, among other industry verticals. To learn more, visit or connect with Michelle Jones via LinkedIn

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