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3 Important Dispensary Display Case Attributes for Cannabis & CBD Retailers

There's no doubt about it, the last few years, relaxed laws surrounding cannabis and a keen focus on CBD have allowed the dispensary market to fully bloom. Sales have reached numbers so impressive that financial market analysts have predicted the  legal marijuana market to hit more than $73 billion by 2027 and the industrial hemp market to reach $26.6 billion before 2025. 

With the market maturing at such drastic rates, it would seem that anything cannabis or CBD would be the place to be as a business owner. While that much may be true with the obvious profit potential, more interested consumers means more competition.

The key to creating a stable foothold among fierce competition comes down to a few key objectives, one of which is offering the most impressive retail experience. Retail displays have a big part to play here, so check out some ways to really up your game and get noticed as a dispensary. 

1. Utilize retail displays to educate unfamiliar consumers.

In 2020 alone, 975  bills related to cannabis made their way through both Congress and state legislatures. As more states permit the sale of either medical or recreational marijuana or hemp-based products like CBD, more new people will be stepping out to take a look. What's this mean for you as a dispensary owner? You're going to see so many newcomers looking for a green experience, and they will have a lot of questions about your products. 

Even though retail displays are often thought of as mere fixtures to house product in an attractive, organized way, displays can lend so much more. By investing in  customized displays that are outfitted with important graphics, you can actually achieve CBD or cannabis displays that both display products and help educate consumers. For example, integrating a custom counter stand for CBD edibles can mean you can also offer details about that product right on the display, such as: 

  • CBD concentrations 
  • How to store the product 
  • Where the product was made

As an adage, you can also get displays outfitted with features like card or brochure holders so customers can help themselves to valuable information on the spot. Check out these glass product glorifiers InStore Design Display created for Friendly Farms. Each is outfitted with an informational piece to give customers a closer look at the unique products. 

Friendly Farms Cannabis Behind Glass Product Glorifier

2. Integrate streamlined merchandise shelving for branded inventory.

Establishing a brand is just as important, if not more important, in cannabis as it is in any other business. You're getting into a highly saturated market, and a recognizable brand is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from the pack. With that being said, your cannabis or CBD dispensary can really benefit from offering branded merchandise in addition to the typical product. 

The key is to make sure your branded merchandise is attractively displayed in your dispensary without taking from the main product displays. You could go in quite a few directions with this in mind. You could opt for a simple, freestanding apparel display like these we did for Fayettechill, or, you could integrate a series of recessed shelves along a secondary wall in your storefront. 

Download the Free Template: Dispensary Construction Tracker

3. Opt for customized display cases for raw product.

The raw product you have in your dispensary, whether you're focused on marijuana, medical cannabis, or hemp flower, is naturally the crown jewel of your product lineup. You want these products to be the main attraction, but you also need: 

  • Clear visibility 
  • Security 
  • Ease of maintenance 

As you create your retail space, working with a display designer to create the most suitable display cases and cannabis sampling tables will be incredibly valuable. Most of these cases are created from glass, but can boast a number of features, such as integrated lighting, temperature control, and branding attributes. For many operations, the main display case may also act as a service counter, which also calls for even more attention to display design for functionality. 

Dispensary Table

Design Your Custom Dispensary Experience with the Help of an Engaged Partner 

At InStore Design Display, we are not just a service provider. We step in to walk alongside you to create the most exceptional customer experience for your brand. If you need help with the displays for your retail cannabis space, reach out to us so we can help you through everything from concept design to display production. 

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