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Thinx® by Kimberly-Clark Corporation — End Cap Display

Thinx End Cap Display


When Kimberly-Clark Corporation launched their recently acquired Thinx® brand, a line of women’s and teen’s absorbent underwear for periods and incontinence, in Walmart, they wanted three types of displays to highlight the product and get it noticed in-store.  

VMLY&R developed the conceptual renderings for the displays. When they got the approval from Walmart's merchant team, they came to InStore Design Display for prototyping, fabrication, production, fulfillment, and inventory management. 


Three displays were developed to highlight the Thinx products: 

  • A high-end semi-permanent full features display was fabricated out of custom material (styrene lined foam core), wrapped with a styrene graphic, and built to be placed as an end-cap and withstand in-store traffic. The original design called for acrylic, but the weight would have made transportation costs prohibitive. The foam core was very lightweight. The display also included a custom mannequin body to feature the product. (Number deployed: 100) 

  • A mid-priced temporary full features display was fabricated out of direct digital and flexo printed corrugate and built to be placed as an end-cap. (Number deployed: 1,500) 

  • A low-cost temporary limited features display was fabricated out of direct digital printed corrugate with custom fabricated hardware and built to be placed as an end cap. (Number deployed: 1,200)  

Not all stores received all three displays. Sales volume at each store determined the type of display deployed, allowing Kimberly-Clark Corporation to get the most for their budget. 

Materials: Styrene foam core, corrugate, plastic 

IDD Services: Prototyping, fabrication, production, fulfillment, and inventory management. 

Project Highlights

  • Implementing Bluetooth technology to assist merchandisers with locating the displays in-store was a key aspect of this job because it was the first time for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. 

  • Stickers were placed on each display to provide instructions on how to recycle the displays when no longer of use.

  • IDD’s strategy of testing fit and finish in-store for the high-end end cap and low-cost end cap prototypes proved its worth when new headers being installed in remodeled stores dictated a change in the height of a backer by three inches. 

Looking forward to working with you and the team on many more projects! It's like we didn't skip a beat. I can't say enough great things about how much myself, my agency team and Kimberly-Clark Corporation clients have enjoyed working with IDD on this launch. Your flexibility has been key to helping us through it all!”  

- VP Print Production | VMLY&R COMMERCE

“We are so impressed with your team! It has been nothing but a pleasure. I hope to work with you on a (less chaotic) project again someday. Thank you for making miracles happen!”
- Senior Account Executive | VMLY&R COMMERCE

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