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Timex/Armitron/Casio — Floor Display


When a retailer like Walmart wants it to be easy for holiday shoppers to compare multiple watch brands and then purchase one for under $50, what’s better? Three floor stands each displaying one brand or three brands on one floor stand? When limited floor space is a factor (which is usually is), the three-in-one is the way to go! 


Timex, Armitron, and Casio banded together to develop a multi-supplier display for watches. They needed a display partner with an in depth understanding of Walmart’s standards for the design and could also kit and transport the units through Walmart’s distribution centers.

Solution WM Q4 Floorstand (1)

With deep knowledge of Walmart's requirements and experience delivering displays through the retailer's network of distribution centers, Team IDD developed a three-sided display made of litho-labeled white corrugate that held 60 watches (20 per brand) providing equal space and shop ability for the three brands. Along with the design, IDD coordinated the manufacturing, kitting, and transportation. 



Project Highlights 

  • To make it easy for store associates to merchandise the product once the display was in-store, IDD provided a detailed instruction letter and a modular planogram for the display. 

  • Displays were delivered nationally to 1,300 Walmarts in time for the 2022 Holiday Season. 

Timex 211359 Walmart Holiday Floor Display 1


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