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How to Build Your Own Slatwall Cube Tower Display

Creating eye-catching displays that your customers can’t pass by is easy with a slatwall cube tower display. A slatwall cube tower is a great way to display all kinds of merchandise. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that gives you the ability to customize according to your unique sales needs. With just a few accessories, you can build your own unique display that really shows off your products.

Get Mobile

Some display equipment can be difficult to move on your own. The cube towers are equipped with casters, giving one person the freedom to move the tower where ever it’s needed. So don’t be afraid to get mobile with your display! You can bring it out during special times of the year to market specific merchandise or you can make it part of a permanent display. It can also easily be placed into storage when not in use.

Upgrade with New Accessories

Looking for new ways to display your items on your cube tower? Acrylic modular bins allow you to easily display small, loose items. Customers don’t have to wonder what’s hiding in an opaque bin. The clear plastic allows them to see what you’re displaying and will more likely draw them to it.

For standing items, fabricated acrylic shelves make a great addition to your cube tower display. You can create patterns with the shelves to make one-of-a-kind displays.

Retrofit with New Panels

The customization doesn’t stop with accessories. You can even change up the slatwall panels, allowing your display towers to match the colors of your store or allow your displays to pop. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can get paint-grade panels and paint them whatever colors you need.

Don’t Forget the Hardware!

There are all sorts of hardware to complete your slatwall cube tower display. You can choose from any number of metal hooks, hangers, inserts and brackets, allowing you to hang just about any item in a clean and neat fashion. And you’re going to want some sign holders to announce your products and break up your displays as needed.

With a slatwall cube tower display, you have the freedom to quickly design numerous different displays to best show off your products. You’ll be drawing the attention of your customers to those products and have them flying off the shelves in no time!

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