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Get a Vertical Advantage: 3 Retail Display Examples that Work

Whether you are in the wireless business, general retail, or otherwise, making use of all the available space you have is simply an intelligent move. After all, maximizing profit potential is deeply rooted in effectively displaying the items that are your profit potential. However, not every retail location has a grand layout with tons of floor space. Display options may seem limited to whatever freestanding custom retail display shelving you can fit without making the area look cluttered. But don't forget about the ever-valuable vertical space you are likely to have available.  

Vertical space is the area within your display that doesn't take up floor space at all. In other words, using vertical space involves getting a bit creative and utilizing what you have available between the floor and ceiling. The best part is custom displays are ideal for taking advantage of all your extra vertical space. 

In the more than 25 years IDD has served as the display partner for Sprint (now T-Mobile), we found vertical displays solved the number one problem all wireless stores had: lack of space. As Sprint expanded its number of stores across the country through organic growth and acquisitions and then the industry experienced an explosion of mobile device accessories, we got creative with vertical designs that maximized the store's footprint.

Known as "vertical storyboard merchandising displays," Team IDD designed slatwall systems, free-standing acrylic and corrugate displays, and modular systems that could be easily modified to fit the available square footage and shape of the store. We focused on telling unique stories in 4, 8, and 12-foot sections to effectively move product. Here are three vertical display concepts that work: 

1. Try Slatwall for Displaying Small Items 

Small merchandise takes up quite a bit of space, and improper organization often means clutter and lost sales opportunities. When considering how to use vertical space, always look at how a custom retail display could give you use of your walls. If your store doesn't have a tremendous amount of floor space, the walls work well as natural display points, especially for small, hard-to-organize merchandise. 

Custom slatwall, like the one pictured for one of our wireless clients, is a good route to take. Slatwall allows you to arrange slatwall hooks and acrylic bins to hang small merchandise, but they are also easy enough to outfit with other fixtures like shelving and signage. Therefore, the setup gives you the flexibility to customize and change the layout as needed. 

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2. Consider Stacking or Layering Countertop Displays 

Glass display cases are great, and they do serve their purpose. However, some researchers suggest that 90-degree angles are the more effective way to portray some types of merchandise. Essentially, customers pay more attention to standing or vertical displays than they do those that require looking downward.

There is nothing at all wrong with building upward from a standard case with stacked or layered displays to utilize more of that vertical space you have available. In fact, bringing some more notable merchandise upward may even give that product more in-store attention. 

3. Highlight Noteworthy Products with Floating Wall Displays 

Products that bring your store the most revenue are worthy of a highlighted display point. However, highlighted display points often require valuable space. You don't have to use up all your counter space to really get these products in front of customers in a way that commands their attention. Take advantage of your vertical space with the right custom retail displays instead.

While several options exist, well-lit, floating shelving units work exceptionally well for this purpose. Each top-end product gets its own space making individual products are easy to see. Such a display is bound to attract a customer's focus. Not only is the lighting an easy way to draw the eye, but varied display heights truly help products stand out. 

Ready to Use All Available Space with Custom Retail Displays?

In retail, wasted space is a wasted sales opportunity. Vertical space gives you ample opportunity to expand what your customers see when they step into your place of business. Ready to make the most of the space you have available? InStore Design Display has been creating custom retail displays for wireless customers for more than 25 years, but our experience stretches far beyond this one industry. If you're ready to get started with your own custom display ideas, reach out to us to get started.  

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