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Dispensary Construction Tracker Tool for Multi-Site Build Outs in the Cannabis Industry

As cannabis restrictions lift across the United States, we’re seeing an increase in demand for new construction among business owners in the cannabis space. If you’re a general contractor, you may be intimidated by this booming new industry and all the regulations that come along with it.

That’s why we put together our Construction Tracker Tool for dispensaries. We know the difficulties of scoping and managing multi-site dispensary build outs, and the prevalence of delays, mistakes, and other surprises along the way. Instead of navigating in the dark, you can bring clarity and structure to your multi-site build outs by using our free tool.

Managing Multi-Site Build Outs with Our Construction Tracker

Not to gloat, but IDD has been designing, developing, and deploying retail experiences for our clients for decades. We don’t just provide manufacturing for in-store displays: we’re an end-to-end customer experience partner, meaning we take our clients’ design projects from brainstorming to final installation (and handle everything in between).

This tool is born out of that expertise and a desire to improve efficiency and communication in all areas of retail design. The Construction Tracker Tool organizes all the moving parts of your project, reducing the chances of costly errors, delays, and reworks. Here are some ways our Construction Tracker Tool can make life easier for you and your team.

1. One Place for All of Your Projects

If you’re managing several cannabis construction projects at once, it’s easy for statuses and notes to get lost between different project stakeholders in different physical locations. The Construction Tracker Tool serves as a centralized hub for all your project information. Anyone with access can manage, modify, and report on any aspect of the project when needed. This can save you hours of rework and help prevent costly mistakes.

2. Better Brand Consistency

You may not be a branding expert, but as a contractor, you’ll want to deliver build outs that meet your client’s specifications—which may include adhering to specific brand guidelines. The Construction Tracker Tool has a brand tracking feature that makes it easy to store and sort critical brand information across multiple projects or clients, ensuring you’re meeting important brand guidelines as you complete your build outs.

3. Simplify Logistics

Never scramble to find location information again or handle the costly consequences of sending a crew to the wrong location. Each project in your tracker includes data on its city, state, district, region, and store number, so that anyone with access can open the tool and provide answers to logistical questions that arise during construction.

4. Deadline Tracking

Construction projects can fall behind fast, especially in the regulation-heavy cannabis industry. When you complete a milestone in any of your projects, the Construction Tracker Tool’s “progress to completion” percentage updates automatically, visually representing how close you are to the finish line. With the ability to see your project completion percentage at a glance, your team can align on project priorities and guarantee you never let a deadline slip.

5. Coordinate Fixture Installation

Display fixtures are crucial for cannabis retailers but coordinating delivery and installation of these fixtures can take valuable time away from your team. Our Construction Tracker Tool empowers you to sort and analyze which fixtures are ready for delivery, determine possible delivery dates, and schedule installation times, so your clients remain happy.

As more states approve medicinal and recreational marijuana usage, the demand for cannabis in the U.S. will continue to grow. Our Construction Tracker Tool helps your cannabis retail projects stay on track while keeping your dispensary clients satisfied during every phase of their multi-site build outs. Whether you are brand new to the cannabis industry or a seasoned pro, our project tracker can improve your organization and communication with your clients—translating to a better bottom line for your construction business.

Why Use IDD’s Construction Tracker Tool?

There is a plethora of tools out there for project tracking in the cannabis construction industry, and plenty of them command a hefty fee. We wanted to offer a tool that is both free and a representation of our 30-plus years of experience in commercial construction to give you the most important functions that you need to stay on top of your projects.

Call us crazy, but we’re giving this tool away because we believe in developing long-term partnerships with our potential (and current) clients. This tool is only one way for us to build your trust and show you we know our stuff.

Download the Tool Here

Maximize Your Retail Space Design Potential

For more information and inspiration on build outs for the cannabis industry, be sure to check out our other blogs here. We analyze trends in the cannabis industry and bring unique insights to help readers conquer their new store construction projects.

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