With the start of the Sporting KC matches in Kansas City, we want to welcome our team back home and show our support for the new season. Even with the new COVID-19 social distancing standards, fans will be returning to the stadium. So, it's time to highlight our contribution to the fan experience—the stadium shop—and encourage fans to check it out. 

During the Summer of 2019, Sporting Kansas City’s Director of Retail, Megan Dodd, came to the InStore Design Display's team with the idea of updating their stadium shops. IDD has a longstanding relationship with Sporting KC, so we were excited to collaborate with their team to create a space that enhanced fan experience and increased merchandise sales.

By following the IDD Design Process, our team was able to better understand Sporting KC's vision for the updated stadium shops and work together to bring it to life.

First, the IDD team took a tour to better understand the layout of the stadium. We also asked a lot of questions to learn more about the current shopper and fan experience as well as their behaviors. With this information, our team was better equipped to design a space that maximized footprint and encouraged more purchases.

“We didn’t want to look like a traditional sports retailer, we wanted to look like a boutique,” was the direction we received from Dodd. 

After learning all about SKC’s vision and specifics of the spaces, we got to work. 

The ideation and fabrication phases involved further collaboration with the Sporting KC retail team to ensure we were meeting design intent and staying within the allotted budget.

IDD’s custom design-build capabilities allowed us to incorporate custom mill work, fixtures, and point-of-purchase (POP) displays into the design. With These capabilities in-house, we were able to execute in a timely and cost effective manner.

The sleek design of the stadium shop and its displays make it easy for fans to see and identify the perfect piece of Sporting Kansas City merchandise that they just can’t leave the stadium without. Get a sneak peak at the new space by watching our video, and next time you are at Children's Mercy Hospital Stadium, pop in and get a new hat or shirt to show the team your support. Go Sporting KC!

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