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Garmin Astro — Countertop Display


With a proven outdoors product and a target market that was more than willing to pay a premium for it, Garmin was positioned for success. However, they needed an attention-grabbing display for regional and national sporting goods that would showcase its benefits in a unique way. They wanted to increase sales for one of their tracking product for hunting dogs, the Garmin Astro—and enlisted InStore Design Display to help.


Garmin, already a widely recognized brand in the hunting space, wanted to try something new to display their Astro tracking device. They needed a “touch-and-learn” interactive display to educate the market on product benefits. Although their target audience for this product was middle-income earners, they had discovered that these customers were still willing to pay more for high-end sporting equipment. With these products priced at $150-175 per unit, Garmin was confident they would increase conversions with the use of a display that made it easy for customers to see its benefits directly.


IDD conducted research and visited various stores to identify the best brand positioning for the Astro product display. They crafted a custom solution that provided a hands-on experience for customers that included a durable, scuff-resistant flipbook for quick POS consumer education.

The display featured strong powder-coated black steel and smoked acrylic, creating interest among target customers while staying consistent with brand imagery.

Project Highlight

The success of the design was far more tangible than simply looking good: orders for this display depleted inventory, and retailers that used this display unit met or exceeded sales objectives.

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