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Small Displays that Wow: How to Get your Cannabis Concentrates Noticed

Product portrayal, placement, and protection are three top priorities with retail display in a cannabis dispensary, especially where smaller products are concerned. Cannabis concentrates are no doubt some of the smallest inventory found in the average dispensary. 

From shatter and butter to wax, cannabis concentrates have stepped forward as some of the most popular products in cannabis dispensaries. As a result, concentrate sales grew more than 40% between January and November 2020.

Cannabis concentrates generate a unique need where product display is concerned. The array of products packaged in small-volume sizes and encapsulated in containers of various shapes and sizes present unique display challenges. So, portraying these small containers in a way that highlights the product and allows easy visibility, but without taking up too much space or compromising security isn't always an easy feat. Thankfully, designers working on retail cannabis displays have numerous options for displaying concentrates. Let's look at a few trending ideas.

Acrylic Stands for Tiny Tins and Containers 

Tiny tins, glass jars, and flat, disc-shaped containers are relatively common for everything from flowers and buds to terpene sauce, rosin, and shatter. These small containers are not the easiest to keep organized without creating clutter within a display case. The containers don't always stack easily and topple over with the slightest vibrations.

To house more of these within a glass display case, making use of vertical space as much as possible is a good plan. Acrylic stands can be custom designed to hold row upon row of these tiny containers. The stands can be configured to accommodate literal stacks of product in a perfectly organized fashion, which allows for neat portrayal and good use of space. 

The display Team IDD designed and built for High Season’s cannabis flower product effectively organizes small containers using colored or white acrylic with slots to hold product and literature. A budtender can easily remove the whole unit from the glass display case and shoppers can pick, hold, and examine each type of product. 

High Season HOF Display-jpg

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Lighted Cannabis Extract Display Trays

Traditionally, certain cannabis concentrates are packaged in clear containers, so customers get a good look at the color and consistency of the product held inside. Resin, budder, and wax are all examples of cannabis concentrates commonly packaged in this way. While these tiny containers offer effective portrayal, they are not the easiest to examine without good lighting. 

Lighted extract display trays offer lighting from beneath the product. This means illumination shines upward through the actual product, so onlookers get good visibility of product color and consistency. Integrating basic, battery-operated lighting into these small displays automatically makes the products a visual point of interest in your collection. As an added bonus for retail display, the tiny containers are held in a uniform, organized way. 

Informative Single-Product Displays 

Friendly Farms Cannabis Behind Glass Product GlorifierAs more consumers grow interested in alternative forms of cannabis, more consumers visit dispensaries looking for education. Therefore, single product displays with informational implements work well for the unfamiliar customer. These retail displays are appropriate for dispensaries that intend to display singular products in a glass case leaving the bulk of their inventory elsewhere. 

While a number of single-product displays exist that work well for concentrates, the pictured examples for Friendly Farm concentrates are a good example. The small stands elevate the product but also offer aptly angled acrylic holders for informational printed materials. The combination plastic/wood bases offer a nice platform to openly display both the outer packaging and product normally contained inside.

Need Retail Displays for Your Cannabis Concentrates?

As more people visit dispensaries to learn about and search for their preferred concentrates, these products need an easy-to-see and assess placement in your display cases. If you are in the process of implementing displays for cannabis concentrates, reach out to us at InStore Design Display so we can work with you to create precisely what you need. 

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