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6 Pop-Up Shop Essentials for Every Retail Store

Pop-up shops are growing in popularity. These shops are intended to “pop up” for a brief amount of time, almost as if by surprise, in a temporary location. And just as quickly as it arrives, it disappears. A pop-up shop offers you, as a retailer, a unique experience. You have the opportunity to take your products from your store and bring them to your customers, which can help you build interest and excitement. It also gives you the chance to meet your customers face to face and build a personal relationship with them.

But running a successful pop-up shop requires some essentials. Here are the top 6 essentials you need to run your next pop-up shop.

#1. Hangers

Pop-up shops tend to be on the smaller side, and showcase a selection of your best products. If you sell clothing, table space is rather limited. Hangers are a perfect way to display your clothing—from tops to bottoms—for your customers to see. They also give your customers a chance to see how the clothing looks without having to dig through piles and unfold everything. And, you get to save precious table space for other products you offer.

#2. Collapsible Rolling Rack

What good are hangers if you have nothing to hang your clothing on? A collapsible rolling rack will allow you to do just that. With the ability to fold flat, these rolling racks are lightweight and easily transported. Once you are at your pop-up location, they can quickly be assembled and are adjustable to three different heights. And they are complete with wheels, so you can fill up your racks at your car and transport your clothing to your shop location.

#3. Jewelry Displays

You want your jewelry to stand out on your table. Laying it flat will prevent potential customers from being drawn to your products. Show off the true beauty of your jewelry items with jewelry displays. Your customers will see your products from a distance, and they will garner an idea of what your products will look like (for instance, a necklace on a necklace pad or bust display). These displays also give your products a shape right away, which will immediately generate interest, rather than a table full of flat jewelry.

#4. Merchandise Tags

A pop-up shop is a great opportunity to engage with your customers. But it’s difficult to hold a conversation when you are constantly interrupted with pricing or size questions. Or, if your products lack identification or pricing, you may lose customers who get frustrated. For these reasons, it is important for you to put tags on your products. Merchandise tags give your customers the ability to see exactly what the product is, its size and its cost. Your customers can browse freely and come to you with other questions that have to do with the product itself.

#5. Bags and Tissue

After your customers make their purchase, they need something to carry it away in. Kraft paper bags are a simple way to do just that. They can easily be stamped with your company’s name and/or logo, which will allow others to see your name while your customers shop around other pop-up shops. And, if others ask where your customers got their great purchases, your customers will be able to quickly recall your name. For an added special touch, tissue paper can provide a pop of color and draw attention to your customers as they walk around carrying your bags.

#6. Unique Signage

If you really want to attract the attention of potential customers, a unique sign can do the trick. Hanging blackboard signs or easels are easily transported between locations and can be customized to your specific needs. You can advertise your name, your sales, or what products you have at your pop-up location. You can be as colorful as you want, add some special designs and when it’s time for your next pop-up, you can simply erase your old sale and redecorate for your new one.

Pop-up shops are a fun way to bring your merchandise to a new customer base and interact with people on a more personal level. Being prepared can aid in your success. InStore Design Display carries all you need for any type of display, and can help get you set up with everything you need to run a great pop-up shop. Start browsing to find all the essentials for your next pop-up shop!

If you'd like some help designing, building, kitting, and fulfilling your pop-up shop, request a consult. We are here to help bring your vision to life and make it easy to assemble and set up to attract customers. 

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