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5 Ways to Beat Retail Fixture Inflation

Fixtures are the most defining features of a retail environment. Whether they are stock solutions or custom branded displays, these freestanding or installed structures are a key consideration when designing a retail store or refreshing its look and feel. However, when supply chain management issues arise, the result is retail fixture cost inflation. 

We've learned a lot about controlling the costs of retail displays in the over 100 years InStore Design Display has been in business. Chew on these five tips for cost effective and easy to implement solutions to prepare you for your next retail display fixture. 

1. Design with size in mind.

With the cost of ocean freight and domestic trucking, it helps to keep the overall size of your fixture in mind. If a smaller size isn’t an option, consider designing your display to be a "knock-down"—meaning it can be shipped flat and easily assembled on site in under 20 minutes. Most retailers will accept knock-down displays that can be assembled quickly. Include simple-to-follow instruction letters to ensure the store staff has an easy time putting together your display and your display makes it to the floor.

2. Think and order ahead.

Providing long lead times gives your display manufacturer time to build your production run into the schedule and avoid overtime charges typical of rushed jobs. Supply chain issues affect raw materials as well. Giving your display manufacturer more time to plan and source materials can often mean better pricing as well. 

3. Build your fixtures to last.

Designing your fixtures for longer stays, more versatile use, and ease of replenishment in-store can help extend the life of your display. Investing in the longevity of a fixture also gives you more time to amortize its cost across a greater amount of sales and over a longer period. Plus, it's a more sustainable choice.

4. Order more.

Price breaks are often possible when you increase the quantity of fixtures. Besides production efficiencies and economies of scale in material purchasing, manufacturers can factor design, engineering and set-up costs over a larger number of units, thus lowering the per unit cost. 

5. Engage with a partner who has asset management capabilities.

Partnering with a display design + build company that offers warehousing and inventory management capabilities means you can order more, hold them until needed in-store, and ensure delivery of the fixtures to the right store at the right time. Our Custom Asset Management (CAM) service saves time, reduces costs, and drives higher levels of productivity for installing and maintaining retail displays. From packing, to fulfillment and warehousing, logistics, installation and setup, InStore Design Display offers a suite of services to choose from to best fit your needs. 

We strive to provide our clients the best retail fixture solution for the best price. While we don't have a crystal ball to predict the fluctuations in the global supply chain, we have experience on our side in end-to-end management of retail displays. Whether you seek stock fixtures, a mix of stock and custom, or all custom retail displays, let's chat about how IDD can become your partner. Just request a consult, and we'll get started.

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