Project Management + Production

Brilliant Store Displays Don't Happen Overnight.

But if they did, we'd be the first to do it. Don't want to handle all the moving parts involved in planning and executing your retail display or fixture design? We've got you. Our team has the production process down to a science.

End-To-End Project Management

Don't risk it: work with a dedicated retail design expert with a proven process for delivering the ideal end result. We cover everything, including:

  • Manufacturing and printing
  • Quality Control
  • Distribution to your store or franchise locations
  • Transportation logistics and supply chain management
  • Professional-grade equipment
  • Domestic and overseas procurement
  • Final delivery, setup, and installation
  • Expert management team with an eye for detail

Supply Chain Management

Production starts with access to the right materials and hardware. Supply chain management is complex and requires a balance between working with multiple companies across the world and right next door. Every element of your display designs—furniture, fixtures, signage, point-of-purchase displays, and more—has to come together at the right time. We manage the entire supply chain while keeping your project on-time and on-budget, so you don't have to stress.


Production + Manufacturing

Call us production wizards since our process is nothing short of magical. We've got every detail covered, from idea through concept and completion. Our project management programs make It easy for us to track and communicate the exact status of your project at any point in time.


Transportation Management

We get your project where it needs to go. Coordinating logistics can be tricky, especially when you have multiple storefronts or franchises, which is why we offer full transportation management for your project from start to finish. Inventory, fulfillment, and distribution are a breeze with the IDD team.

Ready to elevate your retail display or environment experience? Let’s get you to a human.