Design + Prototyping

It's Your Vision. Let's Get It Built.

When you need a team that can bring your ideas to life, look no further than IDD. We deliver creative custom design + build solutions to optimize your products in the retail space. When it comes to display design and prototyping, there's nothing our team can't handle.

A Design Team That Gets You

When you partner with us, you get access to a seasoned team of retail designers, production artists, creative directors, and industrial designers who work together seamlessly to create innovative and attractive display designs.

Our Process

Process icons_FillUsIn

Fill Us In

Great design starts with collaboration. In our discovery session, we identify the vision, goals, parameters, budget, and timeline. Then we build a comprehensive plan to avoid surprises along the way. We'll talk about:

  • Budget and business goals
  • Artistic vision and aesthetics
  • Choosing the right materials
  • Eco-friendly design and environmental concerns
  • Compliance for regulations in your industry
  • Industry trends and innovations
  • Positive customer experience
  • Ergonomics accessible (ADA) design
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Dream It Up

Based on the scope of your project, our creatives and project managers evaluate your needs to determine the optimal path for your retail display. For broad projects and programs requiring extensive design, we generate a scope of work (SOW). We prioritize speed and remove unnecessary process steps.

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Hone It In

Our engineers produce top-level drawings to facilitate stakeholder approval. Based on our material recommendation, we build full 3D assemblies and generate final comprehensive engineering drawings and a parts list for approval. We leverage our broad domestic and overseas resources to support manufacturing for prototype production.

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Nail It Down

The prototype of your display or fixture is more than something you can hold in your hands before you commit: it's your vision coming to life. We bring decades of experience in wood, acrylic, corrugate, and metal production to develop quick-turn prototypes that range from very fast mockups to as close as possible to final production quality. Prototypes allow us to adjust to and identify potential issues with production, which minimizes your risk and maximizes your return on investment.

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Roll It Out

We're committed to helping you get your products into the right hands at the right time—just tell us where you want them to go. Our facility in the Heartland of the US offers a centralized location for both housing and distributing your products. Daily pickups from FedEx, UPS, and a host of specialized freight companies mean your brand makes it to market faster and at a better price.


Ready to elevate your retail display or environment experience? Let’s get you to a human.