Custom Acrylics

Custom Acrylic Display, One Call Away

IDD is your source for end-to-end custom acrylic designs and manufacturing. We work with a variety of different plastics, providing routing, cutting, and bending to fabricate truly unique solutions for a range of brands. Cost-effective and quick to produce, acrylic displays are durable and versatile no matter your product or retail environment.

What's an Acrylic Retail Display

Acrylic is a durable, transparent plastic material. It's vital in the retail world for creating displays and fixtures of all shapes and sizes. It's popular because it's cost-effective and versatile. Done right, acrylic fixtures can increase customer retention, improve visual presentation, and increase sales.


Acrylic Manufacturing

To deliver excellence in our custom acrylic products, we continuously reinvest in the latest CNC equipment, engineering software, finishing technologies, and assembly automation.

  • Extensive inventory on-hand
  • Bend, print, polish
  • Prototype to full run
  • Lightning fast turn around
  • From one-offs to full runs
  • All done under one roof

Acrylic Retail Displays Never Looked So Good

If you can dream it, we can deliver it. We offer acrylic endcaps, wall displays, LED displays, freestanding units, interactive displays, and more. With a versatile material like acrylic, we can help you create custom geometric and organic shapes to fit your product and bring attention to the right features at the right time in your customer's journey.


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