Bayer (Now Elanco) - Floor Display


For a major pharmaceutical company like Bayer Animal Health (now Elanco Animal Health), retail sales are hypercompetitive. Bayer’s portfolio of flea and tick prevention products for dogs had grown 22% at Petco in one year, but was underperforming when compared to other retail markets—one such market had seen 33% growth. To stay competitive, Bayer needed to reimagine their POS display to capture more sales.

The Challenge

Bayer wanted a POS display that would target pet owners, educating them on Bayer’s full line of flea and tick products. They wanted to convey that they were a one-stop shop for flea and tick prevention, offering everything from medication for dogs to treatments that would eliminate fleas and ticks throughout customers’ homes and yards.


The Solution

IDD crafted a display unit for Petco’s main drive aisle to attract attention, using clear, concise messaging. By placing the unit near the POS, IDD helped disrupt typical purchase flight while commanding interest in the product series. The design used a “home” theme to show all the areas in which Bayer’s product line could treat fleas and ticks. 


Project Highlights

  • POS display drove sales of multiple related Bayer products, without convoluting the message or brand
  • Creative house-themed design conveyed Bayer’s value proposition
  • Bayer deployed 1,100 units of this design nationwide, contributing to a boost in sales for these products.

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