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Since 1910, Tivol has delivered a timeless standard for carefully crafted jewelry.

So, what do you do when this high-end jewelry retailer wants to stand out in the Christmas season?

You hop to it and put a bow on it, literally.


To make a statement for the 2020 Christmas season, Tivol reached out to IDD to help them add some holiday spirit to their marque sign on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. 


In short order, IDD's design team developed sketches of three styles for the 13-foot wide and 8-foot 6-inch tall bow. With the choice of a green bow for the left side of the sign, IDD's fabrication team went to work to build the bow and its structure out of PVC. Detailed instructions provided to the Tivol's install team enabled the bow to go up without a hitch. 

Project Highlight

These types of projects highlight IDD's creativity, ingenuity, and can-do attitude. Our quick turnaround capabilities and detail orientation wowed the Tivol team. Nothing says it better than the client:

"I enjoyed working with InStore Display Design to create the perfect holiday bow for the front of TIVOL. They were so easy to work with and made the process of design and installation a breeze!"

— Lauren Ditty, Marketing Department Manager  | Tivol Tivol Collage V2


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