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Bayer Animal Health — Countertop Display

Seresto 2020
Seresto 2021
Seresto 2022


Long-time pet market leader Bayer Animal Health (now Elanco Animal Health) knows the in-store pet market is very much still alive and barking (and meowing)—even with the growth of online sales. Maintaining a memorable in-store brand presence continues to be a top priority to educate consumers and offer selection that meets their individual pet needs for flea and tick protection. 


Having flea and tick products that varied across species, price point, and market, Bayer Animal Health wanted help creating and maintaining brand awareness and providing education and information about their different product lines. They also wanted to evolve the display for the Seresto line of flea and tick collars over three years.


Following our proven design process, IDD translated Bayer Animal Health's vision for the look and feel of the Seresto products into effective displays.

In 2000, the display took the form of an engaging and interactive spinning countertop display to catch shoppers' attention at the register. It was easy for store associates to merchandise. The spinning aspect of the design allowed for physical interaction while also offering space for coupons, making it highly shoppable, informative, and eye-catching. In 2021, the display was modified to have a smaller footprint and add a tear off coupon pad. In 2022, the display engaged a spinning format again with a three-sided design to inform and engage customers. 

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