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Which Slatwall Shelving is Best for Your Display?

The type of shelving you choose for your slatwall displays might not seem important, but in reality that choice can actually make or break your displays! The right slatwall shelving speaks volumes to your customers. But with so many types of shelving, how do you know which one to pick? Here is your guide to all things slatwall shelving to help you decide which one is right for you.

Glass Slatwall Shelving

Glass is a classic choice for slatwall shelving. It is refined and delicate, all while letting your products shine.  Tempered glass shelving is perfect for items such as decorative porcelain or ceramic figures, small mantle clocks or jewelry displays.  The edges of the shelves are even polished for an added touch of style.

Duron Slatwall Shelving

Duron is a great option that is both durable and long lasting.  It is lightweight, but has the ability to hold heavy items without bowing or sagging like other shelves might do under pressure. The shape of the bullnose duron shelves softens the lines and gives them a more classic look, making them perfect for any heavier, yet still delicate merchandise you have, including pottery, statues or larger decorative clocks. They are available in several colors and sizes, which make them suitable for a wide variety of color schemes and products. And if you have an environmentally conscious mind, these shelves are eco-friendly and recyclable! Double plus!

Wood Slatwall Shelving 

Melamine wood shelving is made from thermofused laminate over a particle board center. With the appearance of hardwood, these shelves have a smooth surface and add a touch of elegance to any display.  They are available in several different colors, allowing them to fit in with just about any decorative style.  These shelves are perfect for folded clothing, accessories as well as kitchen and dining room wares.

Acrylic Slatwall Shelving

Injection molded acrylic shelving is both durable and translucent, which allows you to display your merchandise without anything obstructing your customers’ view.  Because it disappears into your display flawlessly, it can be used for any slatwall panels.  Acrylic shelves make your products pop, as they appear to be floating on the wall.  Books or video games can be displayed with the J-shelf, with nothing blocking the view of the cover.  Acrylic ID shelves with ticket holders allow you to show off your products with price tags readily available.  Acrylic is the perfect chameleon for all of your display needs and can be switched easily between different slatwall panels.

Wire Slatwall Shelving

Wire shelves have many advantages.  The plastic coating makes them durable and neutral.  They are long lasting and practically maintenance free, less prone to damage than wood or glass and require less cleaning.   They are also extremely cost effective.  Sloped wire shelves are perfect for folded tees and jeans.  They can also be used to display books flat, encouraging your customers to come take a look at the latest releases.  If you run a music, movie or gaming store, a wire CD/DVD rack is just what you need to neatly display all of your cases.

The right shelving has the ability to really transform your displays and take them to the next level.  If you are unsure of which one to choose, contact InStore Design Display.  We can help you get the perfect shelves that your merchandise will fly right off of! And be sure to check out our Must-Have Slatwall Accessories Guide to ensure that you’re getting all the right slatwall accessories for your displays!

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