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The Ultimate New Store Starter Kit

It’s easy to say “we’re opening a new store” but, in reality, it’s much harder to actually accomplish. It’s daunting and overwhelming to think about everything that you need to do and buy in order to successfully open your doors for business. We have made it easy and compiled a list, the “Ultimate New Store Starter Kit” full of all the miscellaneous supplies you need to get off on the right foot.

Store Hours & Open/Closed Sign

LED Open Sign

One of the most important items to have in your store is an open/closed sign as well as a sign displaying your hours of operation. We have multiple options for you to choose from like the classic double-sided Open/Closed Sign, the Changeable Characters Sign, or the LED Lighted Open Sign. The LED Lighted Open Sign is an eye-catching way to let your customers know you’re open for business! Eco-friendly and long-lasting, the LED lights will allow you to shine brightly. We love the Changeable Characters Sign because you have the ability to add a personalized message or store hours to the bottom and can change it anytime you want.

Pricing Tools

White Price Tags

Regardless of what you sell in your new store, one thing you will always need is a way to price your merchandise. We have a wide array of paper merchandise tags in various sizes, colors, and designs. Attach them to your merchandise using the string or a Tagging Gun with Tagging Gun Attachments. They are efficient, easy to use, and durable. Pricing Guns are another great option if traditional tags don’t attach to your items well.

Shopping Baskets

Black Shopping Basket


It’s a commonly known retail strategy that if your customers have less to carry then they will purchase more. Eliminate the unnecessary hassle of carrying multiple items with this durable Shopping Basket. It’s just what your customers need to assist them with their shopping experience. Have them strategically placed by entrances, check-out counters, or large displays so that they are always available for your customers. They come in red or black polyethylene with silver steel plated wire handles.

Slatwall Displays & Accessories

Grey Slatwall and Basket

Slatwall is one of the most versatile display tools available for any store. It maximizes display space, allows you to easily move product, and aids in grouping products together for suggestive selling. You can add holders, shelves, baskets, trays and other slatwall accessories to make the most of your display. The options really are endless with how simple it is to install and rearrange in your new store!


Shopping Bags

Whether they are paper or plastic, bags are a must-have for your store. Have them behind the check-out counter to hold products once they have been purchased. If you really want to go above and beyond you should not only have bags for your customers but gift bags and tissue paper for presents. Bags offer your customers ease and convenience for transporting their items out of your store. Classic and efficient, our High-Density Merchandise Bagsare the ideal solution for a clothing store or any other retail operation. Our Kraft Paper Bags have handles and come in either natural or white. Never be without plastic or paper bags for your retail store ever again!

These items are all of the necessities that you need to open up your new store! And don’t forget to purchase gorgeous new display tables that will really help your items stand out to your customers. Make your new store the best it can be with The Ultimate New Store Starter Kit. And good luck!

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