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IDD Team Member Spotlight: Shawn Graybill

InStore Design Display is excited to welcome a new member to our growing team—Shawn Graybill. He joins our sales team as an account executive. Shawn brings a blend of sales and marketing skills to IDD. His career began in politics with Congressman Sam Graves and proceeded into sales support, marketing, and sales for a variety of companies. 

Are you a KC Native? Practically. I grew up in Tarkio, MO, which is a town of 1,200 straight up Interstate 29 about 1.5 hours north of KC. I moved here 20 years ago for college at Park University and never left.

Favorite KC BBQ? I'm a sauce guy. It's what matters when I eat barbeque. I prefer a molasses-based sauce over a vinegar base. So KC Joe's is my go-to, then Q39. The fries put KC Joe's over the top,

Favorite spot in KC to grab a cocktail? My go-to cocktail is an Old Fashioned. My wife, Laura, and I are always on the hunt to find new places for cocktails. Recently, we tried SoT and Swordfish Tom's and liked them both.

What are some of your hobbies? I'm a roadie, which means I'm a cyclist. You can find me on the Interurban Road (KCI Airport to Dearborn, MO) most Saturdays riding 20 to 30 miles. I also still play video games when I can wrestle the controller from my daughters in my man cave. I'm a die-hard Madden fan.  It's been my go-to game since it first came out in 1992. I've owned every single one on each of the platforms.

Favorite sports team? I'm a lifelong KC Royals baseball fan. But for football, I cheer for the Las Vegas Raiders and Notre Dame. All my fandom comes from watching sports with my mom as I grew up. I became a Raiders fan in the 1980s when my hero, Bo Jackson, left baseball with the Royals to become a football player in Oakland. I also loved the Raiders because they were tough with their logo and colors of silver and black. I listened to a lot of Hip-Hop music back then. It was a fitting combination.

Tell us a little about your family. I've been married to Laura for 20 years in October. We have two daughters—Reagan (14) and Kinley (11). With one swimming for a club team and the other doing gymnastics competitively, I spend a lot of time on the road going to meets and sitting on the bleachers. Laura is a 6th-grade math teacher and a custom seamstress on the side. She makes custom clothes that she sells through her Etsy shop and Facebook. Her customers span the globe. 

What was most attractive to you about InStore Design Display? Being a custom manufacturer was the first draw. My dad owned a semi-truck repair shop while I was growing up. He often helped his customers trick out their semis. So he did a lot of custom chrome jobs. I like that at IDD we get our hands into the business. The size of the team, the family-oriented culture, and opportunities for growth were other draws. And IDD's branding and website also caught my eye. 

InStore Design Display wouldn't exist without the uniquely talented and hardworking team members we have attracted. We are excited to have Shawn on the team and look forward to all the great things he will contribute to IDD and our customers. Learn more about Shawn on LinkedIn.  

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