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How to Show Off Your Merchandise with Retail Showcases

Retail showcases allow you to do just what the name implies: show off your merchandise. Your customers may not easily see all of your items, but (of course) you still want your customers to know it’s there. Showcases offer a way to let customers view your most coveted items in all of their glory, all the while staying protected.

For Front-and-Center Attention

The Extra-Vision Upright Display Case is perfect as a free-standing display. You can easily show off small collectibles, allowing your customers to view what they look like out of the box, while keeping the boxes neatly stacked on the same table surrounding the display case. It can work just as well when you’re selling more delicate holiday ornaments or holiday specific items, such as porcelain table decorations. When that particular holiday is over, the case can be reset for the next big item or holiday coming up. Or, if you run a comic store or a sports memorabilia shop, you can use this upright display case to advertise some of your more valuable cards. Avid collectors can’t miss them on your counter in this display case.

For a Lower Profile

For a lower profile showcase, the Extra-Vision Display Case fits a variety of needs. It works great as a display case in a jewelry store. You can advertise a special sale – for instance Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day – and display a whole assortment of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that tell your loved one just how much they’re adored. Or, you can show off the latest additions to an existing collection that already resides in your glass tables, letting customers know that there’s something new and exciting to add to their favorite pieces.

For One-of-a-Kind Items

Let your featured items stand tall in an Upright Glass Display Case. This tall showcase allows your customers to view high-end collectibles, delicate breakables, one-of-a-kind items, and designer accessories to be viewed from all angles. You can place it in the center of a display table, keeping it out of reach of small hands that like to pick up and play with everything they find. The locking feature allows these items to stay safe from any hand that might otherwise pick up these items and tries to make off with them which, in turn, protects your business.

For Keeping Items Secure

Another protective, locking display option, the tall Silver Aluminum Countertop Display draws the attention of customers while keeping more valuable items safe from curious hands. It is perfect for watches or other jewelry items, designer handbags, fine china or one of a kind porcelain collectibles. The silver around the edges creates a sort of “frame” for the merchandise within, all the while sending a “can’t touch this” message, really stressing the item’s value. Customers won’t be able to pass by this display case without stopping for a second look.

Retail showcases are an excellent way to show off the best items you have to offer, while at the same time keeping them protected from accidental breakage. Contact InStore Design Display today to learn which display cases are right to show off your merchandise.

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