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Black Friday Supplies: Everything You Need to Make it Through the Craziest Shopping Day of the Year

We’re nearly halfway through November. That means that the holiday season is almost upon us. Soon, it’ll be Thanksgiving. And after Thanksgiving comes the biggest, and most insane, shopping day of the year: Black Friday.  Soon, your store will be filled with eager shoppers looking for the best bargains on all of the items on their Christmas wish lists. Don’t get caught without the Black Friday supplies you need to make the day as smooth as possible. Here is everything you’ll need to make it through the craziest shopping day of the year.


With tensabarriers, retractable tape systems, you can clearly and neatly guide foot traffic. The checkout lines are going to be long, and a straight line can extend into the shopping area of your store, creating confusion. Design a checkout queue to minimize the space used while maximizing how many people can line up. Your customers will certainly appreciate the organization. And our tensabarriers, with 7-foot tape, are available in multiple colors allowing you to customize your paths in a way that fits in with your atmosphere.


Your customers are going to be making a lot of purchases, and they’re going to need a way to transport those purchases out of the store and safely home. Make sure you stock up on plenty of extra shopping bags so your customers aren’t left trying to juggle their gifts out in their hands. We offer colorful options of high-density merchandise bags to match your shop.  Frosted plastic shopping bags offer a bit more stability for more fragile items.  And chevron and polka dot kraft shopping bags are a sturdy, beautiful and trendy choice that your customers could easily use to give their gifts.

Boxes and Tissue Paper

Gifts are going to need to be wrapped, and your customers are going to need boxes.  Rather than leave them to scrounge around their house in search of a random box that has nothing to do with the gift, outfit your checkout counters with a healthy pile of gift boxes.  Natural kraft gift boxes are a neutral yet elegant way for gifts to be given.  White cotton filled boxesallow your customers to present jewelry in a classic way.  And, of course, they’re also going to need tissue paper to fill their bags and boxes, making gift giving a more exciting experience.

Big Bins

Retail bins can serve several purposes. Set up at your registers, dump bins and rolling dump bins can act as a collection place for unwanted merchandise. Those bins with wheels can easily be rolled around your store to reset items for purchase. Or, you can use these bins throughout your store as a place to put a collection of many items, such as children’s stuffed animals, making the cuddly creatures easily accessible to parents.


You need hangers on a regular basis, however, during Black Friday, you will undoubtedly need more than usual, as you hang up as many clothing items as you can.  Economy plastic hangers work well for regular tee shirts, while you may want heavyweight plastic hangers for heavier items, such as sweaters.  Don’t forget suit hangers for outfits as well as hangers for skirts and jeans.  Ensuring you have sufficient hangers will allow your employees to quickly get clothing out on to the floor and out the door.

Folding Boards

If you sell clothing, you know that neatly folded shirts and pants sell better. But on Black Friday, it is more likely that your tables are going to be more of a laundry pile than the organized sales display you worked so hard to create as your employees scramble to fold everything. A folding board allows employees to quickly fold clothing, giving them uniform, crisp corners, restoring your display to its former glory.

Don’t get stuck without essentials this holiday season. Contact InStore Design Display today to get all the Black Friday supplies you need to prepare for the shopping rush that is sure to come.

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