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5 Reasons our New Forms are H-O-T!

Check out our new forms! These white and black jersey covered torsos with modern chrome bases and neck caps are quickly becoming the hottest items we have to offer right now. Here are five reasons stores are loving our new forms.

1. They Bare It All

Forms are great for displaying entire ensembles – complete with layered outfits and accessories (which increases units sold per transaction!) Some shoppers need the help that a fully styled form provides – they are unsure of what items look great together or how items can be layered creatively. With Fall pieces in store, it’s the perfect time to style our forms from cap to base with new looks utilizing unexpected layers.

2. They Are Cost-Efficient

At under $90, our dressmaker jersey form is an affordable way to make your store look fabulous! And at this price, why stop at one? We say the more the merrier! (See number 5.)

3. They Are Easy to Work With

Anthropologie Clothing Forms Display

These forms are pinnable so you can easily ‘alter’ the clothing to make it look perfect. And the stands are adjustable so you can make one form taller than the other or adjust to the height that best fits your display. They are adjustable enough that you can place one on a table top (surrounded by corresponding merchandise!) or extended to full height on the floor.  Remember, it is important to merchandise the items shown on the forms nearby for easy shopping, too. See the white skirt on the table next to the form? That’s smart merchandising!

4. They Show Off Seasonal Items

Trends come and go but our forms stay put, so show off the season’s latest and greatest and change it up as soon as the next must-have item takes over! Whether your form wears a timeless staple or a temporary trend, make sure it is changed frequently and well lit. People are attracted to items that are showcased in good lighting. Just ask any supermodel!

5. They Are Even Better in Bundles

Anthropologie Forms Window Display

Using multiple forms together can create a composition – keep in mind that they don’t need to be all the same height. Varying the height actually is more appealing to the eye (we’ll do a separate blog on the Golden Triangle & Rule of Thirds, but here’s a quick explanation here!).

Creating a gang of forms can also be really helpful to show the versatility of one item; for example, if a hot item is a bright orange sweater that might be intimidating to shoppers on a hanger, you can show it styled three different ways on three different forms. Voila! Now your customer knows how to style said orange sweater without feeling like a pumpkin.

Or… remember those “pesky accessories” we blogged about a while back? What better way to show the myriad ways of scarf styling than with multiple forms!

Forms Displaying Scarves


Tell us about your merchandising ideas using forms! We’d love to hear how these sizzling show-offs have helped you sell!

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