Hangers tell a lot about the quality of the merchandise that you’re selling in your store. If your racks are full of mismatched, low-quality, broken hangers, your customers are going to notice. It’s critical that you use quality retail hangers that are consistent in style and do justice to your merchandise. Here are our tips on how you can upgrade your retail hangers and rake in the sales.

Retail Hangers Should Be Consistent in Color and Material

Having hangers that are consistent in both color and material help to create neat, organized, uniform displays. No matter if you’re using black plastic or silver wire, they can really help pull your store together and let your customers know that you care about the products you sell.

Quality Hangers for Quality Products

For higher end items, a high quality hanger is needed. These hangers help stress the quality of the item and show just how important of an item it is. They also show off the shape and structure of the item better, allowing your customers to get a better idea of how it will look.

Economy Hangers

For casual, lighter weight items, such as t-shirts or tank tops, economy hangers or clear plastic hangers will get the job done. These hangers are less expensive, so you can showcase a wide variety of different shirts.

Anti-Slip Grips

No customer likes it when clothing slips off the hangers while they’re browsing. Not only does it create a disorganized display, it also makes the customer feel responsible for fixing it. Hanger grips or attachments allow you to keep clothing firmly in place, so your display stays neat and customers can search through easily without fear of creating a mess.

Size Markers

It can take a long time to find the size a customer needs when he or she is struggling to find the tag inside each shirt. Help your customers find the right size with size markers that attach directly onto the hanger. Not only will your customers be able to quickly locate what they need, their browsing time will also increase!

Sort and Store Kit

Keep your hanger inventory in check with a sort and store kit. You can keep extra hangers organized, making it easier to find the correct hanger to display new merchandise. The improvement in efficiency and organization will save your staff from the nightmare of having to sort through hangers and clean up the back room at the end of their shifts. This ultimately allows them to stop worrying about hangers and to focus on providing excellent customer service to your patrons. Your customers will certainly appreciate the personalized attention they get from your employees!

For such a small detail, hangers certainly say a lot. By using consistent, quality hangers with the correct size markers and grips to prevent messy displays, you will see a definite improvement in sales. Want to up the ante even more? Discover our tips for how rolling racks can also have a huge impact on your sales with our recent article: How Rolling Racks are Perfect for Outdoor Displays!