Vendor booth season is among us now that summer is quickly approaching! Whether you are selling clothes, jewelry, cleaning products or promoting your business in your vendor booth, we have some helpful tips to make your booth a success! 

vendor booth                         

Research festival events

Do your homework and search for events that have had a high past attendance.  Ask what kind of marketing they are doing for the event, who attends and what fees are involved.  Don’t shy away from locations where there are multiple competitors, check out prices so you can be competitive.  Many competitors usually mean there is a high demand for your products.

Plan your Vendor Booth space

Layout your booth in advance, this gives you the time to order display fixtures, grid panels and your tent if not provided. Grid is a wise choice for your booth, it has the flexibility to be used to maximize space while showcasing a variety of products.  If using grid, plan your configuration and decide between cable ties or butterfly joining clamps. Many organizers require a 10×10 tent, it would be smart to invest in a quality tent.  If you are going to order promotional items, for example banners and professional table cloths with your business name, allow time for custom work.  Find out if there are electrical outlets available.  Don’t forget a tall comfy chair for yourself!

Stand out

First impressions are made in seconds. Think about what pieces or products reflect your business and cause people to stop.  Make your products visually interesting, if you need ideas check out Pinterest.  Raise your table height and use acrylic risers and cube displays to highlight your products.  Have a ballot box to offer gift drawings for free products to increase your customer data base.  Its also wise to use sites like Pinterest to search for creative, eye-catching ideas for your vendor booth.

Supply checklist

  • Shopping bags in assorted sizes
  • Jewelry tags, merchandise tags, tagging gun, pricing gun
  • Dolly for hauling your stuff to your tent
  • Cash for making change
  • A way to process credit cards
  • Extension cord
  • Business cards
  • Gridwall panels and bases, cable ties or butterfly joining clamps
  • Grid hooks, wire baskets, shelves with shelf brackets, sign frames, literature holders
  • Hangers