Meet Kelly King, InStore Design Display's Human Resources Communications Manager. She joined the team in January 2020. In this team member spotlight, we want to tell you more about her role at IDD, what Kelly was up to before she came to us, and what she enjoys outside of the office.

Everyone brings their life experiences to work every day. Whether it's an eye for design, a love of crunching numbers, or merely a need to provide for the family, we all have motivations that drive us. For Kelly, her role in Human Resources (HR) came from her deep-seated desire to help others. When she first started to contemplate her career, she considered entering the medical field. She told us, “That didn’t pan out, because I quickly realized that I didn’t have the stomach for it.”

It wasn’t until Kelly started working as a contract employee for a government agency that she realized her true calling to help others. The management company employing her during this time had less than ideal HR management. She saw firsthand the impact that HR can have on an employee’s life inside and outside of the office.

After that experience, Kelly enrolled at Avila University in Kansas City where she earned her degree in Human Resource Management and graduated with Cum Laude honors. Since then, Kelly has served in HR leadership roles for companies in different industries. Most of these positions have been in a generalist role, meaning that she gained immense experience in all HR areas including benefits management, payroll, etc.

InStore Design Display is a lean machine. Thus the experience Kelly brings to our small business is extremely beneficial. Her ability to be agile, wear multiple hats, and do so with a smile is the true embodiment of IDD’s core values.

Outside of work, Kelly is a self-proclaimed foodie and travel bug. In 2015, she made a pact with herself that she would see a new country every year for as long as she could. Since then, she has traveled to 15 countries. Kelly enjoys immersing herself in different cultures. 

Kelly’s innate ability to tap into another person’s perspective and her desire to make a positive impact are evident in her daily work. She has a positive impact on our culture and how we manage and grow our team.