Summer is almost here and we can’t help but be distracted with thoughts of warm nights, surf, sun and FUN! But we work hard to turn those “distractions” into creative summer window displays instead. Here are some clever summertime displays that caught our attention and the themes they evoke.


Instead of showing off colorful merchandise, why not use bright hues for props and make black and white pop? Color reversal is surprising and makes simple black and white stand out.

Colorful Summertime Displays


Sometimes seemingly unrelated things are paired together to make a statement, or at least to get our attention. Gardening and Clothing? Sure. Especially if the company is Anthropologie, a store whose success is based on the unassuming blend of old meets new, with a flair of quirkiness.

Anthropologie Summertime Displays
Photo Credit: I Heart Interiors


Here, luxury brand Louis Vuitton showcases its high-end apparel amidst a ferocious dinosaur skeleton. Why? Well…why not? The dinosaur bones are gilded after all.

Louis Vuitton Dinosaur Summertime Displays
Photo Credit: Pop Sugar


Emphasize the Everyday

Hang-drying clothes and watering flowers are everyday summer tasks. Boring? Not when these chores are transformed to props displaying clothing and shoes.

Garden Hose Summertime Displays

clothes line summertime displays
Photo credit: The Mermaid’s Mercantile

These fun ideas have inspired us to add window shopping to our summer activity list. What other summertime displays catch your eye?