No store is safe. It is being reported by retailers that scarves are spontaneously multiplying with the onset of the fall fashion season. It’s not just apparel stores afflicted anymore. Gift stores, card shops, and even shoe stores have reported scarf multiplication. Oh, the humanity!

So, what to do? We’re here to help! A scarf display needs to be easily shoppable. That means some of those cute, yet rubix-cube complex displays on Pinterest are out. But here are some great ideas that are merchandising friendly!

Tip #1: Consolidate!

Here’s a really handy way to condense a big, flowy scarf into a neat little package. This definitely works best with lightweight scarves that are built with a wrinkly finish. Step 1- Fold the scarf in half and place your hand in the folded end. Step 2 – twist, twist, twist! Step 3 – Fold in half again and watch the scarf twist around itself. Step 4 – Poke the tail through the bottom loop . Voila!

 Scarf 1  Scarf 2  Scarf 3  Scarf 4

Tip #2: Educate!

We’ve heard people say a bazillion times, “I love scarves, but I don’t know how to tie them”. You have the power to fix that! Make your customer feel like a fashionista by showing her how to style a scarf and the sales will come.

Have limited space? Just use a small display table to merchandise a sassy head with a complete ‘look’ that features a scarf worn in an interesting way. Then, place components of that look on the table for easy shopping.

Scarf Table Display

Have more room? Apply the same idea, but create a scarf station. Add a mirror, and a sign with instructions on how to tie a scarf just like the mannequin. Print other signs to show off other tying ideas or to show great overall looks. Put these signs in cute frames or use an acrylic sign holder. Make sure a knowledgeable sales person is always nearby so that people don’t get frustrated and give up.

Have a tablet in the store? Use it to run through a great You Tube tutorial for more advanced scarf artistry! Check out this blog for some more ideas on how to style scarves.

Tip #3: Merchandise!

Scarves enhance an outfit – so merchandise them near something they can enhance! S hooks are a great way to place scarves inline with other merchandise. You can also arrange them with complimentary jewelry, using T Bar displays (just don’t load them up too much so they are still shoppable).

Scarves on t bar     Scarf on S Hook


Have slatwall? Here’s a quick tip. DON’T use a regular faceout to display scarves. Your customer will have to pull off every scarf to access one in the back, and chances are, she won’t go to the trouble. Instead, use a downslant arm with hooks. Now, each scarf can easily be shopped (and at $3, you’ll recoup your cost fast)! Don’t forget the scarf rings. They make life easier!

Scarves on Slatwall Faceout      Scarves on Slatwall Faceout with Hooks

We hope these tips help your customers experience the joy of scarves while helping you keep scarf populations under control.

That’s it, for now… We’d love to hear your merchandising solutions for these pesky accessories!