Is your retail store looking for ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day? Here are 10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for 2017 that you can use to increase your sales and celebrate Mothers!

Create a social campaign– Ask your followers to post a favorite pic of their mom, best advice, or funny stories. Don’t forget to post your own mother’s pic! Offer a deal of the day leading up to Mother’s Day with a product or service geared toward pampering the special ladies in their lives.

Launch a must-enter sweepstakes– Set up your ballot box to win anything that is relaxing and is not a kid’s activity. It could be a spa day, long weekend at a resort, movie or concert tickets and dinner for 2.

Create a mom-focused board on Pinterest– Ask your employees to pin images that remind them of their moms. Sprinkle in some buyable pins or services but keep the focus on celebrating moms.

Offer free or rush shipping– Busy husbands and adult children will thank you.

Create a gift guide- Take the stress out of shopping for the mom who already has everything. She may say she doesn’t want a gift but come on who doesn’t want a gift?

Raise money for a local charity– Seek out organizations in your community that assist abused, homeless moms and use Mother’s Day to give back to your community.

Promote an event in your business- Offer an experience that can only be purchased around Mother’s Day. Offer a set number of invites and close the business for the event. A boutique could have a fashion show and make overs. Bring in a chef or a wine specialist, a masseuse for chair massages. Let your imagination run wild.

Don’t forget to offer gift cards– Sometimes we just don’t know what to buy dear mom and gift cards are the saving grace of many holiday gifts. Create a presentation of the gift card that your customer can present to mom nicely wrapped or in a small custom bag with your logo on the bag.