One of the latest trends to hit the scene is Pipeline industrial fixtures. Industrial fixtures evoke an urban, or city, feel. They consist of raw materials – the unfinished look of metal, concrete, exposed brick, and wood. With its monochromatic color scheme, this style aims to preserve historic elements of buildings.  Industrial fixtures bring the big city to your store, no matter where you’re located. Here are some hints on how to work this trend into your own store.

Create an Experience with Pipeline

The industrial look is all about environment and ambiance.  The goal is to transport your guests to the big city, even if they’re no where near it.  Our many finishes of specialty slatwall are an easy and affordable way to create that urban silhouette in your store. Hang clothing directly against the wall to create that coveted “undone” feel while still looking chic. Create full room displays using the slatwall as the background. Set up a small dining table, complete with dishes, glassware, silverware, napkins and a tablecloth.  This can mimic the look of posh city dining. Additionally, try merchandising with rustic or reclaimed wood display tables.  Many pieces of our Park Hill Collection go great with our Pipeline industrial fixtures.  Displays like this give your customers a chance to imagine themselves being in the midst of a busy industrial city, many moons prior.


Details Matter with Industrial Fixtures

The industrial fixture trend is all about the details. The key is to make your store look a little bit unfinished… But it doesn’t have to look cold.

InStore Design Display’s Pipeline Collection is inspired by the New York City Garment District’s industrial garment racks, featuring products with wooden shelves and exposed iron bars. This collection features items that are the epitome of the industrial look and you can’t really go wrong by choosing items directly from Pipeline.

Hang shirts, pants, skirts and dresses from a double ballet bar rack or two-way rack. Hang clothing of different lengths from the double tier ballet barrack or use the adjustable ballet bar. The Pipeline nesting tables are perfect for displaying new collections of folded shirts or pants as well as displaying a mannequin that shows off the newest style for all your customers to see.

Finally, enjoy the mobility and versatility of IDD’s new Pipeline Free-Standing Wall Merchandisers by using shelving, faceouts and additional arms.

Pipeline Free Standing Wall Merchandiser

Let Your Merchandise Do the Talking

Many tend to overdo it with industrial fixtures, but keep in mind that the fixtures should never be the focal point.  They should create a point of intrigue that always draws the eye to the merchandise.

For example, the ability to adjust the bottom and middle bars to varying heights the three tier accessory merchandiser does just that.  Additionally, creating a simple display that allows your necklaces and bracelets to stand out. Its cherry-finish wooden base and iron pipe arms will handsomely display accessories without detracting from the items themselves. Place this merchandiser next to the Double Bar Accessory Merchandiser to take advantage of extra counter space.  Don’t forget the Pipeline Countertop Mirror so your guests can preview your beautiful merchandise on themselves, ensuring they’ll buy.

Pipeline Customer Spotlight:

J.Quinn Boutique

Without further ado, we introduce J.Quinn Boutique, who came to us to outfit her boutique with the latest of Pipeline industrial fixtures and other merchandising essentials.  Jordan did a wonderful job merchandising her beautiful selection of clothes on a variety of Pipeline racks.  She used Pipeline Outrigger Units and a combination of 2-Way and 4-Way clothing racks to create an industrial feel, all the while, keeping things feminine.  She did so with the use of our Gray Linen Jewelry Displays and by merchandising her Pipeline pieces with soft neutral undertones throughout her boutique.  J.Quinn Boutique is located within Nell Hill’s in Kansas City’s popular Village of Briarcliff shopping center.

Furthermore, with the right selection of industrial fixtures, you can create the urban look that so many consumers are flocking to. Contact InStore Design Display today to find out which of these products will best suit your clothing, adornment and decorating needs.  Be sure to ask us about our custom capabilities by calling 1.800.821.5748 today!