Do you currently use nesting table sets as a merchandising tool?  If your answer is “no”, you might consider using them.  They are lightweight and modular which makes positioning them for special promotions or seasonal refreshes a simple task.  Our tables are easy to disassemble, making them easy to store when not in use.

IDD Nesting Table Sets

Nesting table sets fit within any budget.  InStore Design Display’s Cherry Nesting Tables are a good example of an economically priced table set.  This stylish 4-table set is great for small boutiques, pop-up shops and other stores where space may be limited.  Even better, the entire set is available for less than $300!  Kansas City’s theme park, Worlds of Fun knew just how to use them.

Nesting table sets come in a variety of a materials and finishes.  Our Sleek Mocha Nesting Tables  combines a modern looking steel frame with a matte black top.  It’s ready-to-assemble construction allows us to ship it to you flat which means you gain substantial freight savings.  Another set combining a steel frame with wood tops is our new Boutique Series.  Additionally, it’s minimalist look and feel it’s ideal for shop owners wanting a discrete look in their stores.  A perfect merchandising compliment to this set is our Boutique Series ballet bar.

Nesting Table sets


The Decompression Zone

If you have an underutilized area or department within your store, IDD’s nesting table sets are an excellent way to tell merchandising stories when combined with mannequins and apparel racks. Using this strategy will turn these areas into profit centers.  One of the best areas to create a story is at your entrance or the decompression zone. The size of this depends on the layout and overall size of your store.  This area is the where your customers enter and make their first visual impression of your store and what you have to offer.

nesting table sets

Photo cred:  Ricochet Consignment Software

nesting table sets worlds of funPhotocred: Title Boxing Club

If you are not maximizing your decompression zone you might be losing sales.  Call us and we can help you pick the combination of nesting table sets, visual displays and merchandisers that will help you maximize your sales floor’s profit potential.

Customer Spotlight: Worlds of Fun “Winterfest”

nesting table sets worlds of fun

Kansas City, Missouri’s famous Worlds of Fun’s team is currently using our cherry nesting tables in their gift shops as part of their holiday displays for their first annual Winter Fest celebration.  Winter Fest celebrates the season with live shows, holiday characters and holiday activities like ice skating and cookie decorating.  As well as, select park attractions are available to ride.  As the photos show, when nesting tables are utilized correctly, they are a perfect merchandising tool for storytelling and cross merchandising.  By combining props with the merchandise they are displaying, Worlds of Fun has all but guaranteed that our cherry nesting tables will turn these area of their shops into profit centers.