After July 4th celebrations are over, we are in no way surprised to see a back to school display. This leads many parents to start thinking of all those necessary back to school purchases. Come August, the early shoppers have fulfilled their shopping list. If you missed out in doing the prep work before summer started, it is not too late to capitalize on the opportunity of the BTS market. NRF states, the average family with children in grades K-12 had completed only 45 percent of their shopping as of early August. Only 13 percent had completed all their shopping, and 23 percent had not started at all. Below are some tips to make the leftover merchandise appealing to those last minute back to school shoppers.

Know your local school’s dress codes when creating a Back to School Display back to school display

Try having dress-code appropriate attire separated from after-school casual wear. By doing so, this can decrease parent’s stress. Help out your shopper and post local dress codes list, many schools will post online. Having printouts available might prevent unhappy parents when they have to return the clothes if the school tags them as inappropriate. An example would be grouping your slogan t-shirts, frayed clothing where the BTS shopper will not be confused and can focus on the area designated for BTS clothes. In addition to the BTS area, cross-merchandise with lunch boxes and backpacks in creative ways. Check out this blog post for ideas for displaying backpacks.

Include the youngest family member in your Back to School Display

Don’t forget parents and grandparents might be shopping for the younger kids attending daycare and Pre-K too! Many times, retailers overlook this demographic and don’t visually display the smaller sizes. Infant and toddler sizes can be an “excellent customer” as they outgrow their clothing quicker than older siblings. To encourage sales, create a mannequin display that includes children mannequins from 9 months, 2 and 4-year-old along with the bigger kid mannequins. IDD offers a wide range of mannequins to accommodate the smaller sizes.


Display for last-minute shoppers now

Not everyone is an early bird shopper, there will always be last-minute shoppers. Chandler Sopko, Marketing Manager at Adaptly, reported only half of the American families have completed their shopping by August so brands have an opportunity to reach last-minute shoppers. Check out her article for additional last-minute tips for retailers. Last-minute shoppers still have high expectations for selection of merchandise. Outpost or move your display racks and shelving near your BTS display making it convenient for your shopper. Pay attention to the outfits on the mannequins and replace when sold out to avoid disappointing shoppers. With a little planning, some organization and assistance from Instore Design Display, your retail displays will only impress and not let the customer you dropped the ball in June. Find out if your state has a tax-free weekend and use this to leverage additional foot traffic.

Life happens so there will always be last-minute shoppers for every season and holidays. Customers will still have high expectations for the selection of merchandise and presentation. Get ready with a little planning and assistance from Instore Design Display for your BTS retail displays and supplies.