Countertop displays help you draw the attention of your customers to featured items. Different countertop display accessories keep your displays fresh, interesting, and also help show off your items while keeping them neat and organized. To fit your many needs, there are all kinds of ingenious countertop display accessories that will help you create unique displays.

Blackboard Blocks

Creative, colorful, hand-drawn signs work really well to catch the eye of your customers. Draw their attention to special sales with blackboard blocks. You can make your own designs and, when the sale changes, you can simply wipe the block clean and create a brand new sign.

Blackboard Display Bins

Speaking of blackboards, blackboard display bins for small items and display crates for bigger ones let you showcase several items while labeling them with interesting signs on their fronts. You can keep products neatly contained and, when the sale is over or the product is gone, you can reuse the bin or crate for a new item. There is no need to print new sale signs; you can erase the current advertisement and have fun drawing a new one.

Multi-Level Displays

Multiple levels create height, standing tall against other products, catching the attention of customers from a distance. Stair step displays allow you to make an organized display of different items from the same collection. Displays like a farmhouse etagere keep small items contained, without worry about them falling all over the place. Displaying jewelry? A multi-level T-bar lets you show off necklaces, bracelets and rings all at the same time without anything getting tangled up.

Photo Frame Signs

Display pictures of products or advertise sales high above the countertop with photo frame signs. These signs will call customers over from a distance when they might not have otherwise ventured into that particular area of the store.

Pocket Spinning Racks

Are your customers purchasing gifts? They’re going to need cards. Remind them to pick one up by keeping a variety of greeting cards in a pocket spinning countertop rack near products that make excellent gifts or at cash registers.

Interesting displays draw attention. With a variety of different countertop display accessories, you can create interesting displays and showcase the beauty of certain products that customers won’t be able to pass up.