Luckily, spring is around the corner and full of fresh colors and silhouettes.  At last, warmer days bring more shoppers embracing the change in season this 2018.  This is also a chance to take a look at your spring apparel and accessories shipments and get ready to show off your top 2018 spring fashion trends.

2018 Spring Fashion Trend #1

Trench Coats

Have your customers ready for “April Showers” by displaying the classic (but updated) trench coat. The trench coat was featured in many famous designers collections, Who What Wear reports of the catwalks in New York and London.  Provide a visual display to your shopper that allows them to visualize themselves wearing a trench coat over another outfit.  Using afemale headless mannequin, you can knot the coat around the waist to create a more feminine look. Next to your mannequin, try having a ballet rack of trench coats making it easy for your customers to shop.  I suggest InStore Design Display’s Bauhaus Straight Single Bar Merchandiser. Due to its versatility, it remains a customer favorite for merchandising anything from trench coats in the spring, to flowing maxi dresses in the summer months.

2018 spring fashion trends
A Burberry window display in London. Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

2018 Spring Fashion Trend #2

Satin Pastel Blouses

At the end of winter, the return of pastel colors and floral prints seem typical as we head into into Spring. This 2018, spring fashion trends you can expect are more satin and formal attire. Often with inspired ice-cream hues in shades of lilac, lemon, and eggshell blue according to Harper’s Bazaar. Displaying delicate fabrics like satin and sheer blouses can be a challenge to protect the fabric and keep the garment on the hanger. Stock up on foam cover anti-slip hangers and you will be thankful you did on high-traffic weekends.

2018 Spring Fashion Trends
Photocred: Pinterest

2018 Spring Fashion Trend #3

Micro Purses

Get out your microscopes, Vogue predicts that micro purses will replace the fanny pack trend of 2017.  Try merchandising these delightful mini bags on open tiered tables or nesting table sets.  Open tables allow your shopper to view the selections of purses at all different angels.  These tiny totes carry much less than a fanny pack (sometimes just large enough to fit a credit card) so don’t kick your fanny packs to the curb just yet.

2018 Spring Fashion Trend #4

Bicycle shorts

Yes, you heard me… Bicycle shorts from the 80’s are back. And they’re being introduced to otherwise formal outfits also according to Vogue.  These shorts are not just for exercise anymore but to accent top layers with the floral and abstract patterns along with the solid colors (see below).  Bicycle shorts are not going to take much inventory space, you could use a single shelving unit and stack out all the bicycle shorts so your customer can enjoy the 80’s throwback from a distance.  You could try outfitting a mannequin with a shorter take of the trench coat mentioned in 2018 Spring Fashion Trend #1. Showing bicycle shorts underneath to show your shopper how to have fun from the 80’s thirty years later.

2018 spring fashion trends

2018 Spring Fashion Trends #5


Finally, last of our 2018 Spring Fashion Trends.  Love them or hate them but scrunchies are making a comeback, according to WWD.  This time they can be embellished with sequins, embroidered with flowers, or sprinkled with pearls. Add scrunchie displays to your table with jewelry trays or InStore Design Display’s Pipeline 3-Tier Accessory Merchandiser.  Don’t forget, you could position this display near your register to entice customer to impulse buy this fun flash-back from the 80’s.

2018 Spring Fashion Trends