Gridwall merchandisers are a great addition to any store display. They’re simple to set up, easily moved around, and can fit a variety of display needs. When you don’t need them, they’re just as easily taken apart and placed in storage until you need them again. The uses for these merchandisers are practically limitless! We’ll explain the different types of gridwall merchandisers and the best ways to use them in your store.

Triangle Merchandisers

Triangle merchandisers announce your products from every angle. No matter where your customers are in your store, they will be able to see what you’re advertising. They can be set up in the middle of a wide aisle or in the center of a clothing section. Triangle merchandisers are also perfect for displaying greeting cards, postcards or brochures when you attach some literature holders.

Pinwheel Merchandisers

Really attract some attention with the unique shape of the pinwheel merchandiser. It’s another option that allows your customers to see what you’ve got to offer from every angle. Hangrails give you a modern way to hang items like shirts or belts. Add some baskets, and you’ll be all set to show off some of your latest accessories, such as scarves or handbags. With such an interesting shape and a variety of hardware, you’ll be able to create all kinds of interesting displays that are sure to promote big sales.

L Base Merchandisers

L base merchandisers are a wonderful way to display your products without taking up a lot of space. You can place them in front of an aisle to display items on sale. Or, you can show off some of the latest seasonal items, reminding people that winter is upon us or summer is right around the corner.

T Base Merchandisers

A T base merchandiser gives you a free-standing merchandising option that pairs well with some shelves and faceouts, allowing you to display apparel in any style you desire. You can place them by the checkout counter to entice your customers to make some last minute purchases while they’re waiting in line. Remind them it’s sunny out and put out some sunglasses. Or, if it’s cooler out, hang up some fleece hats and gloves.

T Leg Merchandisers

Another free standing option, the T leg merchandiser, can really help out your wall displays. Its flat surface allows it to blend seamlessly against a set wall. From there, you can set it up however you see fit, adding accessories that match the clothing hanging on the wall (perhaps some belts for the jeans), or you can use it to show your customers exactly what the graphic tees you have folded on the shelves look like, without them needing to unfold and refold every single one.

Gondola Merchandiser

With a gondola merchandiser you have a unique opportunity to create a whole experience. Put together the latest looks in fashion, tops, bottoms, jackets. You can even complete the look with hats, belts, handbags, and even shoes. And, to really draw your customer’s attention, spotlight the display with some lights. No one will be able to pass by without stopping to see the latest trends.

Mini Grid Panels

Get creative with some mini grid panels. Simply put them together using some connectors and make your own cubby holes. You can make them as big or as small as you need. From there you can place folded shirts or jeans. Or, you can even create interesting dioramas using home goods or children’s toys.

Gridwall merchandisers give you the freedom to be creative as well as spontaneous when it comes to displaying your items. Contact InStore Design Display today to learn more about different gridwall merchandisers and all of the accessories you’ll need to create displays that will grab the attention of your customers and have your products flying out the door.