Join us in welcoming Beth Josub to our team as Senior Account Director. Formerly an Account Executive at The Bernard Group in NYC, Beth brings a wealth of experience in both relationship-building and creative design to IDD. She contributed to a 35% growth in revenue during her tenure with her former employer, while fostering a collaborative environment with clients at leading global brands. 

Prior to The Bernard Group, Beth was a project manager at Coloredge and an art director at Bloomingdale’s. This is where Beth built her expertise in managing creative teams and bringing her clients’ unique visions to life. 

With both the detail-oriented nature of a project manager and the communication skills of a multi-lingual people manager, Beth is an ideal addition to IDD as we expand into new markets. Here’s a bit more about Beth, in her own words. 

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? 

I was born in Miami and raised by my mom, an American citizen, and my dad, a citizen of a tiny island in the Caribbean called Curacao. I’m also Jewish, which is a big part of my upbringing. I grew up in Curacao and had the most amazing childhood . . . surrounded by beaches, my afternoons were filled with tennis, volleyball, and studying. I started in the public school system where I was taught in Dutch.  

In fifth grade, I transferred to the International School of Curacao where we were taught in English. The island’s main language is a dialect called Papiamento. I spent a lot of time around amazing culture, beaches, boats, and of course eating coconuts.  

I later moved to Maine where I attended Bates College and majored in Art History with a minor in Studio Art. 

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I would say working out is a big one. I love playing tennis in the summers, long walks around the lakes in Minnesota, going out to dinner, and just exploring. I’m always up for travel, and Miami is my favorite vacation spot. Lastly, I can’t lie and say I don’t love a good show on TV (Schitt’s Creek is my favorite). I’m a binge-watcher and don’t mind saying it! 

What’s your favorite food? 

 French fries. 

Tell us about your work experience and the clients you’ve worked with in previous roles. 

I started as a photo retoucher and graphic designer, making my way in the signing department at Bloomingdale’s. After that, I switched sides and became a project manager at a print company in NYC called Coloredge. I worked hard, gained experience, and then began working as a senior account manager in sales at The Bernard Group. Some of the clients I worked with included Apple, Casper Sleep, Kate Spade, Coach, and Bloomingdale’s.  

What were some of your favorite projects? 

 I have many, but I would say project managing an announcement graphic wrap for the first Apple Store in Australia was one favorite. I oversaw the management of the installers and permits, as well as making sure the installers applied the adhesive graphic correctly on a 130’ x 50’ all-glass storefront.  

My other favorite project has to be the showroom at the offices of Kate Spade. There were many elements to this project, and they were all unique, challenging, and involved using many media types. 

What made those projects successful?  

I do believe that building a partnership and understanding the client’s vision is key to success in any project. My attention to detail, listening, and being hands-on is also a huge part. Being a part of meetings and being client-facing is also a gateway to success. 

What drew you to InStore Design Display?   

InStore Design Display’s family-oriented business model caught my attention. Coming from The Bernard Group, which has more than 650 employees, I felt like a number where my added value was lost. I feel as though I’ve entered a new stage in my life. Although my work with IDD is similar to the work I did previously, InStore Design Display allows me to thrive in many areas, giving me free rein to renew my career in different roles.  They want me to succeed and allow for that in a comfortable, warm environment. InStore Design Display exudes passion and drive. 

What are some current areas of focus in your new role?  

I’m helping to grow IDD’s business and be a partner in its success. I love the sales environment and cultivating new relationships with clients, along with offering more to current clients and driving growth. 

Follow Beth on LinkedIn as she brings her skills and vision to help InStore Design Display continue to grow.