Great Retailers Prepare Early for the Holiday Selling Season For retailers, the 4th quarter is the most important quarter of the year. Which often means, the most hectic time of the year. Retail business owners’  schedules are most likely stretched to the limit. If retailers start planning and preparing in September, it may create a […]

Did you know that retail sales during the holiday season rose 5.5% in 2017 to $691.9 billion? Exceeding the NRF 2017 forecast of a 3.6%-to-4% increase! The final total represents “the strongest gain since the Great Recession,” the NRF 2017 group stated, according to Market Watch. With statistics like this, are you ready to gear up for […]

Should you be thinking Retail Space Commercial Remodel? Are you thinking your retail space could use a facelift? Before diving into a project such as a retail space commercial remodel, there’s a variety of important things to address.  According to the Northstar Commercial Construction of Maryland, business owners should consider a major remodel and change […]

Luckily, spring is around the corner and full of fresh colors and silhouettes.  At last, warmer days bring more shoppers embracing the change in season this 2018.  This is also a chance to take a look at your spring apparel and accessories shipments and get ready to show off your top 2018 spring fashion trends. […]

Did you know that a well-planned focal wall (feature wall) can increase sales by 229%?  Or that retail displays in general can increase sales by 540%? In fact, 83% of your customer’s experience is coming in through their sense of sight.  That’s right.  Humans are overwhelmingly visual when digesting information in comparison to our other […]

What is National Returns Week? National Returns Week may sound silly.  We all know, the retail industry bombards us with all of the “shopping holidays”.  The shopping holidays season kicks off with “Black Friday” – the day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.  Then, continues through the weekend ending on Cyber Monday.  Forbes has reported 2017’s Cyber […]