Did you know that a well-planned focal wall (feature wall) can increase sales by 229%?  Or that retail displays in general can increase sales by 540%? In fact, 83% of your customer’s experience is coming in through their sense of sight.  That’s right.  Humans are overwhelmingly visual when digesting information in comparison to our other […]

About Small Business Saturday This year, Small Business Saturday is on November 25th.   American Express started it in 2010 in order for small businesses to gain exposure during the holiday shopping season.  #ShopSmall’s goal is to help boost sales on the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  According to a survey conducted by the […]

One of the latest trends to hit the scene is Pipeline industrial fixtures. Industrial fixtures evoke an urban, or city, feel. They consist of raw materials – the unfinished look of metal, concrete, exposed brick, and wood. With its monochromatic color scheme, this style aims to preserve historic elements of buildings.  Industrial fixtures bring the […]

For several years, InStore Design Display has been stocking  AnchorCore slatwall panels.  Previously, we stocked medium density fiberboard (MDF) slatwall panels.  Why did we switch?  Simple.  Tests have proven  AnchorCore slatwall has a holding strength that is 50% stronger than MDF. AnchorCore slatwall was developed specifically for the retail store fixture industry.  The raw panels […]

As a store, one of your main goals is to sell your product. But it’s not enough to simply place what you have to offer on tables and shelves and open your doors. Your customers need to be attracted to what you’re selling. But how do you catch their eye and draw them in? A […]

Pop-up shops are growing in popularity. These shops are intended to “pop up” for a brief amount of time, almost as if by surprise, in a temporary location. And just as quickly as it arrives, it disappears. A pop-up shop offers you, as a retailer, a unique experience. You have the opportunity to take your products […]

How many times have you heard your customers say that they came in looking for just one or two items, yet they are standing at checkout with several more? The act of purchasing more than intended is a practice known as impulse buying, and it is a practice that can greatly help to improve your […]

Offering products that consumers want is great. But if you don’t set up your store in a way that makes the shopping experience a good one, or display your items in an effective manner, getting customers in your store becomes difficult, and your sales will suffer. Knowing how to set up your store’s layout is […]