Displaying your items properly can really make all the difference in sales. Not all items hang, though, and you only have so much shelf space. Display tables give you more surface space to show off your products. And getting more on the floor means getting more out the door. Using the right display tables can make or break your sales efforts. Learn the differences between display tables and the best uses for each.

Nesting Tables

With a great visual appeal, nesting tables offer you the ability to display a large amount of items in a small space. They are great for showing off a single type of tees, tanks or jeans that are available in a wide assortment of colors and style. Half mannequins fit perfectly on these tables and you can easily organize folded clothing around them. You can even place them near the entrance to your store and announce the newest fashions near the mannequins wearing them.

Nesting tables have several different set up options. You can layer them one slightly overlapping the other or you can separate them and place them near each other in a cluster. When you don’t need as much space, the smaller tables easily fit under the larger ones until they are needed again.

Tiered Tables

Featuring a wrap-around design, tiered tables work extremely well as centerpieces for different sections of your store, no matter what goods you’re selling. All levels are easily accessible, thanks to the diameter of the tables decreasing with each rising level. You can put out clothing on special, or create a tower of adorable children’s stuffed animals. Decorative items that are a must have for the home during special holidays (holiday scented candles or ceramic and porcelain trinkets, for example) would sell great when set up on an attention-grabbing tiered table.

Round Tables

Perfect for creative set-ups, round tables give you all kinds of freedom.You can display the latest jewelry collections, placing them on different leveled risers. This makes for an interesting, eye-catching display that will keep customers lingering, increasing the chances they’ll make the purchase. You could create a mock dining table display and put together a holiday themed dining display, complete with plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, and tablecloth. Or you can make a mini kitchen scene, showing off the latest kitchen must-haves: a state of the art mixer, a coffee maker, and even some mixing bowls, spatulas and bakeware.

Display Pedestals

Display pedestals come in a variety of different heights, allowing for a multitude of uses. Place them in a window display to show off the hottest new items of the season, right next to a sign announcing its arrival. A brand new home goods item, or larger electronic gadget is sure to stand out on this simple pedestal. Or, you can set up a pedestal near your tiered tables, placing a half mannequin on top that is donning your brand new collection of shirts. Place pedestals near cash registers and fill them up with interesting items for impulse buys, such as candles, picture frames or other small decorative items.

The more surface space you have to display your items, the more you can sell. This not only leads to happy, repeat customers, it also helps boost your bottom line. Call InStore Design Display today to ask about what tables are right for your needs.